What Happened to the Concept of Respecting Others

Published June 18th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I wanted to write this, because as an Atheist myself, I still find your attempt at mockery not amusing. Though I lack religion, I still can respect others and their beliefs. Can’t you do the same? You can have your own viewpoint on life, but this makes all atheists look like assholes.

You may not agree with religion or the people who follow it, but keep in mind that you still have to live with them. Taking this approach, yes I’ll admit creative, but really destructive. I don’t see the point in this misguided "religion" but realize that just because you believe you are right, does not make it any less offensive.

The Kansas School Committee is looking pretty good right now.

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  1. keenan says:

    Yes :) Yes i can. I have never once made fun of and/or treated other religious people differently. FMS does Mock…But only a little. im sure they will live.

  2. Yann says:


    dear Annie seems to imply that we Pastafarians do not qualify as true believers without beeing able to present some real sacrifices first… some blood and gore that could prove our faithful guidedness…
    Dear Annie, these times are long over! Nobody has to rip off his very own balls anymore to build false idols in his holy kitchen sink, nor those of bloody pagans! Today, we just believe – without all the carbonara stuff! And it feels so much better than in the old times! You, as an confessing atheist, seem to regard some false beliefs as better guided than the holy gospel of its Noodleness. Come on! Don’t be a douchebag, confess that you just miss the balls to mock those, like you dare to mock us. Start accepting us like you do with all those false believers – is it really such a challenge for you?

    May ITS holy appendage bring enlightenment to you,
    RAmen, Yann

  3. TiltedHorizon says:


    If the “concept of respecting others” held any real value then the Kansas School Committee would responded to Bobby’s Open Letter… (ahem) … out of basic respect. Apparently, “respect” is only mutual between like minded people.

  4. Fett101 says:

    Tolerance, not respect.

    Two very different things. Get it right.

  5. Bob says:


    I do agree that it can sometimes be very counter-productive, and mean-spirited, to simply ridicule another person’s religion. And, sometimes, I do feel guilty about sinking to the level of some Christians, and by “fighting fire with fire”. Being an asshole or a bully are the last things that I ever want to be regarded as.

    However, speaking for myself, I feel that any bashing that I do, especially towards Christianity and some of it’s institutions, pales by comparison to what they are trying to continually trying to cram down our society’s throat. Teaching ID in the schools, rabid homophobic legislation, and the committing of cultural genocide in the name of “spreading the gospel” are but some of the ways that American Christian institutions attempt to force their version of “truth” and “morality” onto us. The hubris, arrogance, and self-righteousness of most atheists is but a shadow to that of the Christan Right, and I believe that it is our duty as free, thinking humans to combat their ideas. Sometimes, even by dipping into the cruel and inhuman pot of sarcastic wit and mockery.

  6. Alexander says:


    As I see it, this is no longer a problem of respect. Religion is oppressing free thinkers everywhere, since what religion really fears is freedom and knowledge. Freedom of thought, and the knowledge of natural laws. We cannot keep quiet anymore while these ancient remains of all myths and superstition try to destroy each other, just to probe whose religion is the correct one.

    In order to obtain respect you have to give respect, yet I have not found any religious man which qualifies. My morality, according to them, is in doubt since morality comes from god; while they kill each other and bath the world in blood, killing innocent people, destroying natural resources, and the future of this world.

    You are right about the fact that I do not agree with people that blindly follows a religion, in fact I say that we have given them enough time to probe their point, and all that it has been done in the name of their god is evil, in-human, and immoral.

    Yes this approach is destructive, but we tried the opposite, and they either killed or oppressed free thinkers (depending on the time you either find inquisitions or students kicked out of school for “not praying”).

    Regarding the offensive part, I understand how this can be offensive to a believer, but I ask you, are you not offended by their wars, greed, and plain ignorance?

    Regards, and sorry if this sounds aggresive (I just re-read it), it is not what I intended.

  7. bear331 says:


    If their faith is so offended by the sites material, they do not have to come to this site. Its a big internet out there, they can easily avoid this site. Why don’t you write a letter to the Phelps crew and ask them why they can’t respect others?


  8. sky lukewarmer says:

    My main gripe with organised religion is that it exists mainly to exert power and influence over people. Fortunately this is coming to an end as education and information through technology will mean that power of knowledge will be available to everyone and not just a select few.

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