What Happened to the Concept of Respecting Others

Published June 18th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I wanted to write this, because as an Atheist myself, I still find your attempt at mockery not amusing. Though I lack religion, I still can respect others and their beliefs. Can’t you do the same? You can have your own viewpoint on life, but this makes all atheists look like assholes.

You may not agree with religion or the people who follow it, but keep in mind that you still have to live with them. Taking this approach, yes I’ll admit creative, but really destructive. I don’t see the point in this misguided "religion" but realize that just because you believe you are right, does not make it any less offensive.

The Kansas School Committee is looking pretty good right now.

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  1. Nick says:

    I’d agree with this philosophy of “just let everyone be” if it wasn’t for all the damaging effects religion has. I try to let things go but sadly, religious dogma DOES impact everyone: it affects proper education, human rights, politics.

    If religion were like a favorite sports team, I’d let it go, as it is, it affects me, my family, my country, and my world too much to let it go.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ll start respecting religious people when they stop telling the rest of us what to do.

  3. StJason says:

    Good question, Annie. What happened to respect? Why can’t the religious respect themselves enough to not smear Jesus into every class? Why have they waged a decades-long (Century?) war on the advancement of knowledge? Why is it you hear about bringing prayer into school and God into science classes, but not science into theology?

    More importantly, where do you get off mocking our religion? We are not Athesists. We very much believe in a supreme being, one who created everything. He is bigger and more powerful and subtle and noodlyer then even you can imagine. Quit your meaningless Atheist life, join the Pirate Crew. RAmen.

  4. tekhedd says:

    I have a lot of opinions about this, but in this case I believe Pat Condell says it best:

    “[W]ithout evidence, you’ve got no reason to believe, apart from your willingness to believe. So, why is that worthy of respect, any more than your willingness to poke yourself in the eye with a pencil?”

  5. Drained and Washed Clean says:


    This is not an attempted mockery. This is a different approach to the problem of Christians attempting to push their religion dressed up to look like science on innocent children. As an atheist, you should appreciate the humorous approach to a very serious issue. This has nothing to do with respecting others beliefs. This has to do with separation of church and state.

    If those who were attempting to teach religion in the classroom were respecting the laws in this country then this would be unnecessary. I respect the rights of everyone to practice their religion. However, when they attempt to make everyone in the country practice their religion by indoctrinating children, I have serious issues with that.

    I find it interesting that you find us to be the assholes. These people are not respecting your beliefs. They are not respecting your right to be an atheist. Do you want your children sitting in a school room being taught this pseudoscience as actual science?

    I would really like to know how this is destructive. Indoctrinating children is destructive. Breaking the law is destructive. Please explain to me how humor and satire is destructive. I am sure the people on this website who are Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists would also like to know how this is destructive as well.

    Everyone believes they are right, which is why we should stick to teaching facts in science class instead of mythology.

    Honestly though. Are you actually an atheist? The only people I see being assholes on this site are the Christians.

  6. Insightful Ape says:

    Hey Annie,
    So what happened to the concept of freedom of expression? Sorry to inform you, you may not like what we have to say, but you still have to live with it.
    Now, what is this story with being “offensive”? There have been numerous commentators here on this same forum, identdying themselves as believers, whose only impression of venganza.org is that it is hilarious. As far as I can tell the only ones who find it offensive are the humorless and the insecure, like our last troll, “maroun” the moron.
    I can respect others and their beliefs. As long as they keep them private. Once they make their beliefs public knowledge-or better, seek to score political point by wearing them on their sleeve-it is fair game to challenge them and ask for proof. They can’t have it both ways.
    And KS board of education looking good-you probably have a point there. They finally stopped trying to redefine science. Thank FSM.
    PS: You are an atheist? Nice to meet you. I am the king of Sweden.

  7. Joe Marinara says:

    Disagree completely. Seems that the humor of good satire is lost on you, and the humor of good satire is probably the most effective response to a group of people who had no qualms at all about trampling YOUR rights as a non-believer, who had no worries whatsoever about forcing their private beliefs into the public domain. Think you’re being respected as an atheist? Think again. Are you really an atheist?

  8. tim says:

    An atheist, huh? Pull the other one–it’s got bells.

    Thanks for stopping by and voicing your outrage. It’s particularly appreciated that your writing is so coherent, considering how much time you must spend advising people that they’re offending you.

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