Touchdown Jesus, the day before

Published June 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

I was at the Touchdown Jesus the DAY BEFORE it was destroyed.  I took some pics.  When I looked at this one, I was amazed by what I saw in the clouds.


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  1. Lee says:


    Now we have reason to flock to the site to behold the “REAL” power of our Lord and Savior FSM…

    Praise be to FSM. Amen.

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  7. Informacje says:

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  8. Daniel says:

    Ok, this is the first time i have heard of FSM, tonight… and i will be honest so far im not sure what to make of it, but i am keeping an open mind so please dont just denounce me as a non believer here, i have so far spent nearly two hours going through everything this site has to offer in terms of information so i can mae a proper opinion on FSM.

    however, one thing i have to say to you guys is this picture is definately a forgery. the vector placements and discolouration show this picture has been tampered with. Now, i am not suggesting in anyway this disproves FSM, it doesnt, what it tells me is that you should all feel very angry with the poster of this image, because he or she has obviously set out with the aim to make a mockery of you, simple as. and that is not a very nice thing to do!

    • Mal says:

      It is plainly evident that while the FSM did not want to physical appear in the sky behind the Touchdown Jesus, he DID want to appear to his followers in some fashion, so he altered the image afterwards.

      Seriously though. Did you actually look at that picture thinking it might be real?

      • Daniel says:

        No i didnt look at the image thinking it was real, i think its quite obvious that image is forged, but evidently how could the individual who took the picture claim to have seen it in the sky if you are now claiming the FSm added it into the picture after because he didnt want to appear in the sky?

        once again, dont get me wrong… a lot of this FSM seems to make a lot of sense to me, and is some thing i can take on board… but im looking to follow something sensible, which i believe FSM can be, but surely it isnt too much to ask if it wouldnt be a good idea to draw a line between good pictures and a picture someone has created just so they can feel like the centre of attention, or worse with the aim of making a mockery of FSM??

        • Mal says:

          Please understand, I did not intend my comments to be any kind of “attack” against yours. I’m just being a little silly. I hope you didn’t take them that way. My intent was to answer a legitimate inquiry with the same contradictory, pointless type of drivel that our “religious” counterparts attempt to use against us rational free-thinkers.

          As far as the picture goes, I’m sure it’s considered an “artistic” submission, and there are plenty of those on this site. It’s always good to have some good humor going around.

          I’m glad you found the site, and I hope you’ll stick around.

      • Daniel says:

        furthermore, what i think is worse is that said picture has also been added to the photo section as “evidence”. now whilst i agree, FSM doesnt need evidence to substantiate itself, no religion does. but if you are going to add a section as evidence, a section which all potentially new followers will come and look at, surely the last thing you want in that section is an obvious fake? what sort of message is that sending out to all potential FSM followers, and in fact current FSM followers, that the FSM religion is posing a frauded picture as evidence? kind of waekens the legitimate and quite sensible argument presented on the home page…

        • Mal says:

          The idea of FSMism is to expose the idiocy of religion. More often than not, arguments to “prove” the existence of some god or another are based on extremely dubious “evidence” (such as the Christian circular logic that the Bible says God exists, and God, an infallible being, inspired the Bible, so it must be true that God exists).

          Chances are, the picture was submitted as evidence as a nod to such methods of “proof”.

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