Touchdown Jesus, the day before

Published June 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

I was at the Touchdown Jesus the DAY BEFORE it was destroyed.  I took some pics.  When I looked at this one, I was amazed by what I saw in the clouds.


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  1. FSM loves you says:

    FSM would never strike jesus with lighting! On the other hand, he DID flood the earth with that spaghetti water – but that was an accident! Now, he does not make business in lighting! But remember my noodles and noodlies what happened to Phil.
    So it could have been destroyed by either: A rain of spaghetti sauce, a hail of linguini or repetitive play of Kid Abyssinia’s rap hit “I’m the Makkeda Daddy”.

    As we believe in unintelligent design, this could have been the product of unintelligent destruction.

    -RAmen :)

  2. Bob Healy says:

    I Believe!

  3. dickens34 says:

    And, in the lake, his noodly presence does not have a reflection! Awesome.

  4. mareeeee says:

    I am from the area. I just have to say that we never called this “touchdown jesus”. It was always referred to as “big butter jesus”. I think my name is better.

    Also, RAmen

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Where did big butter Jesus come from?

      • Mitchel says:

        i think it came from the bob and tom song

    • nazani14 says:

      I don’t understand why it wasn’t called “quicksand Jesus” – it sure looks like he’s sinking and reaching up for help.

    • Sounest says:

      I’m from a bit more around the Daytonish area- we called it Touchdown Jesus =)

      • Mitchel says:

        last time i saw it it was on fire lol didnt lightning stike it last year?

  5. Olivia says:

    All Hail The Spaghetti Monster

  6. TL says:

    mareeeee, I first heard about this thing from a friend of mine who passed by the statue a week or two before the lightning and posted it on her facebook page. The caption said the bus driver called it T.J.

    She also said she was a little uncomfortable. She’s a very non-religious but still god-loving Catholic.

  7. Pieter says:

    The Image shows that the sea level is rising through the lack of real pirates. Jezus clearly cannot help and raises his arms in despair. Thereby clearly proving that christianity is a false religion and therefore FSM is the only true god. I am going to eat pasta tonight to celebrate this revelation that will undoubtedly will convert the last unbelievers.

  8. Jamie says:

    OMFSM, Jesus is praising the FSM!

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