Suriname evangelism

Published June 30th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I just found this picture that I took last year while I was working for this NGO in Nieuw-Nickerie, Suriname, a small country in South America. It’s a blackboard and there’s stuff on there about a training for social workers and this beautiful drawing of what seems to be about creationism!! Our good lord the FSM is just chilling out there underneath the new style rainbow, which is only half!  He probably likes it better that way!!!

Joanna Kakker from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I particularly like the sheep and caterpillar and slug.

14 Responses to “Suriname evangelism”

  1. Wren says:

    I want that blackboard on a teeshirt!

    Good old FSM, chilling out under half a rainbow. He’s probably still in the process of creating the other half.


  2. Walt says:

    Hey, the Christians were almost right about something! Rainbows are a holy phenomenon; they just got the deity wrong. Light refraction? Nope. It’s a colorful symbol reminding us of his divine providence.

    Pasta be praised!

  3. Bam says:

    i like that idea, just rockin under the half rainbow…..its cool to see him just chilling when you look back at something… im yet to see him, but i know he is there

  4. Keith says:

    A charming tableau of creation. My eyesight is not the best but it looks as though a sheep’s bottom is called a nickerie and that it is important for people to know (otherwise, why else the sign?). Also, what is the happy snail carrying in the cart? Ahh, so many mysteries and so little time!

  5. Swineacles says:

    … And so he made a rainbow – the bands of its many colors outstretched from the great above of Firmament and reaching down to the people of Earth below, just in the way of his many noodly appendages.


  6. nina says:

    I am a bit worried about the butterfly that’s bigger than FSM.

  7. Pasta says:

    The holy rainbow has the same choice of colors as the gay/lesbian movement. It can only mean that gays/lesbians are loved by the one, only and real deity. FSM bless them, for they are FSM’s chosen people.

    • unclhubertlvsya says:

      Ummm sorry to break it to you, but the holy FSM’s chosen people are pirates (not Somalain pirates, they just wish to be at the same level as his holy followers). Also midgets are too. They are touched even more so by his noodly appendage, which is why they are so short. I’ve never heard of gays being his “chosen people”.

  8. Lizelotte says:

    Maybe he is particularly fond of gay pirates and gay midgets?

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