FSM Race Car at LeMons 500

Published June 24th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Chris Heerschap was nice enough to share these photos with us:

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the 24 hours of LeMons, but it’s a car race for cars of $500 or less.  Most all of the cars have some sort of theme, and my friends who entered my old car agreed on a FSM theme.  I though it was cool until I saw the car, at which point I realized it was truly divine:


I like the ambulance-style reversed lettering

Pirate-Fish (plural) abound

WWFSMD?   Who can say  ... he shows up in many unexpected places.

More Pirate-Fish.

I love the shirts.

And another FSM themed car? What a great event.

This must be Pastafarian country.

This particular race took place in Summit Point, WV. – part of a series ranging across the country.

This article at detnews has a pretty good explanation of what this race series is about.

With 23 events around the United States in 2010, this amateur series offers wheel-to-wheel competition, with all the burning cars and hot tempers found at professional races. The hitch is that no vehicle can cost more than $500. This is a race of clunkers.

LeMons, a play on the famous 24 hours of Le Mans in France (Lemons, get it?), is open to any would-be-racer/imbecile with the gumption to put together a junker and a team.

Sounds like a good time.

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  3. Abdulaziz says:


  4. Brennana says:

    His Noodlyness has finally revealed his love for the NASCAR. Look at Him and His glory!

    He has lit the path, now we must follow.


  5. m610 says:

    I don’t remember if the post mentioned it, but the FSM car was out there racing and chasing the IPU car.

    The Car Dorks guys said that hardly anyone at the race got the “joke”, er, message, which is why we need more FSM-themed cars in this series. I’m waiting to see one with a huge depiction of HIM on the roof, eye-stalks leaning forward expressing determination, and noodlely appendages flapping in the wind, expressing poor aerodynamics.

    You’d probably get shot, hanged, stabbed 71 times, then burned, if you took an FSM themed car to a NASCAR event. Instant martyrdom, for anyone who is interested. If you can get out a description of FSM heaven before you die you might be spared the burning part.

  6. clxxxiv says:

    build an effigy of FSM and put it in the back seat. It can ride along and if you win the photos will show it in all its glory. Go to the local strip club and hire some girl to drap themselves all over the before the race.

    • mensan says:

      But those girls are over $500 each. Would that count for the cost of the car?

  7. race cars says:

    good looking lemons/chump car! I am trying to get a team to do my first lemons race this fall, maybe I to will do a FSM theme.

  8. Saman says:

    Hey! I’m a proud Pastafarian from Iran. I can see a Persian (Iranian) word on this car. Its amazing! Is this car belong to a Persian guy?
    The word is بخشش that means forgiveness (or peace) in Farsi.

    • Insightful Ape says:

      Hello saman,
      I am originally persian as well. Nice meeting you. Is there any presence of pastafarians in Iran that you are aware of?
      Sadly forgiveness is not a virtue any of the patriarchal dogmas of “monotheism” possess, despite all the lip service they pay it.

      • Saman says:

        I don’t know any other pastafarian in Iran -Except one of my friend I presented!
        Hmm… actually in the first time I had read about it on a Persian atheist blog named ‘wise boy’ (http://FrozenPla.net) but I don’t know who was the blog owner and unfortunately that website is no longer online.
        Nice to meet u too!

    • Darren says:

      Actually the Persian word was written there by the technical inspectors at the race. Our team’s FSM car was a little too nice by Lemons standards and by Lemons “rules” (or whatever the opposite of rules is, that’s what they use) you are allowed to bribe the inspectors to possibly overlook small infractions to the $500 limit rule. In this case a bribe of a bottle of nice Whiskey (it was West Virginia) saved us a couple of penalty laps — at which point they spray painted this Persian word, forgiveness, on the car.

      Keep in mind the $500 limit does not include wheels, tires, brakes, safety items like roll cage, etc…It does include buying the car, fixing the engine/suspension/whatever else. And you get credit back for anything you sell off the car — in our case we sold the interior, stereo, windows, window motors, etc….the point of the series is really to show how much fun you can have with a great team and not a huge amount of money. Check it out!

      The Porsche btw is my other personal race car that isn’t a Lemons race car. It was there for support and congregation — it’s a NASA race car and was racing at a different track at this same event. And yes, indeed, a wheel is worth more than $500 :)

      Finally, sad to report that we (by we I mean I) crashed this car this year. It is, however, impossible to kill a deity.


      In death we are all reborn. Ramen.

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