FSM Race Car at LeMons 500

Published June 24th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Chris Heerschap was nice enough to share these photos with us:

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the 24 hours of LeMons, but it’s a car race for cars of $500 or less.  Most all of the cars have some sort of theme, and my friends who entered my old car agreed on a FSM theme.  I though it was cool until I saw the car, at which point I realized it was truly divine:


I like the ambulance-style reversed lettering

Pirate-Fish (plural) abound

WWFSMD?   Who can say  ... he shows up in many unexpected places.

More Pirate-Fish.

I love the shirts.

And another FSM themed car? What a great event.

This must be Pastafarian country.

This particular race took place in Summit Point, WV. – part of a series ranging across the country.

This article at detnews has a pretty good explanation of what this race series is about.

With 23 events around the United States in 2010, this amateur series offers wheel-to-wheel competition, with all the burning cars and hot tempers found at professional races. The hitch is that no vehicle can cost more than $500. This is a race of clunkers.

LeMons, a play on the famous 24 hours of Le Mans in France (Lemons, get it?), is open to any would-be-racer/imbecile with the gumption to put together a junker and a team.

Sounds like a good time.

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  1. DeviantCare says:

    Dudes wearing my wallpaper as a t-shirt! Haha! Bloody awesome!

  2. daniel reed says:

    just wanted to let you know im available for a beginner race tech for a fsm team if anybody needs one.

  3. zebobbybird says:

    Gah! this is awesome! Man, i would love to be involved in a race of clunkers and lemon cars that proudly wear his noodlyness. Sadly, i know nothing of engines or cars, and web-design skills are useless in this scenario.

    • Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

      but is your use with a tin of paint and a brush useless?

  4. Michiko Claessens says:

    Bloody awesome!

  5. CabinBoy Jocko says:

    Not sure it that last pic is of a Porsche or Audi TT. In either case, it’s not a $500 car. The freaking wheels are worth more than that.

  6. cheapest car says:

    Planes trains & automobiles car rental – This is the greatest scene from a movie ever! By far!

  7. Johnny G says:

    Hay, I’ll pay $600 for any of those cars…..

  8. AngelHair Pastafarian says:

    I was looking at the icon of our deity on the hood of the car. Our gOD, The FSM is amply endowed,much more than any of the other Higher Powers out there.

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