FSM peers out of windows, not into them.

Published June 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I have decided to post one of the FSM large posters in my window. Not only have I had people slow and look at my window to try to understand what it is, but I have received calls from neighbors. Many times have I shared with various people my religion. They tend to ask if they should be concerned.

FSM looks out of windows, not into them. He's not a perv like some Gods I won't mention.

If you want to be like Brooke and print some big posters you can grab the PDFs from here

11 Responses to “FSM peers out of windows, not into them.”

  1. don says:

    Of course He does not peer in, for He knows what is within, for He is the ALMIGHTY FSM! He looks out, He looks out for all His Disiples and all of His followers, and He loves us all so much, even though He doesn’t like “prayers” ( it’s too much like asking for a special favor that we don’t deserve). He hates worship too, just too damn much groveling. He pretty much doesn’t even like us thinking about him too much, as He is a very busy “god” who has to keep all the other “gods” in check, FUCK, us stupid humans have come up with thousands of “gods”, so He stays very busy dealing with all of them. But He does like it when we treat each other according to the golden rule, which is: ” As long as I a’int fucking with you, don’t fuck with me, or else I’ll just have to fuck you up, you stupid fucking no good jackass kissing dumb cocksucking motherfucking idiot.” He also wants us to eat more PASTA, of course!

  2. Jake D says:

    I love you, Brooke <3

    • Brooke says:

      Brooke loves you too! <3?

      • Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

        what about me? does Jake and Brooke love me?

  3. zebobbybird says:

    Yes, they should be concerned.

    If you are the first in your neighborhood to make a tribute to his noodlyness, then there is much concern!

    Quickly now, spread the word!

    • FSM4LIFE says:


  4. sky lukewarmer says:

    Ok creationists, this is the sort of proof you would understand!

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