Flea infested Spaghetti Mutt

Published June 16th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

The FSM has no Fleas. I'm offended.

Dirk from the Hentai Style drawing a few weeks ago took things a step further with this OFFENSIVE BLASPHEMOUS drawing of the FSM as a dog.  I’m outraged and …  no I’m not. I like it. Awesome work, Dirk. 

Take note Muslims, cartoons are sort of hilarious, they’re not grounds for going apeshit and trying to kill the cartoonist.  No offense, Muslims.

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  1. St. Jason says:

    …Can we go on Jihad anyway? Flail the unbelievers with wet noodles? Force them to drink domestic beer? Tie them to a chair and force them to watch ugly strippers? It’s the least they deserve!

  2. zebobbybird says:

    I’m with St. Jason, give them the warmest of beer they shall ever drink!

  3. Timegirl4468 says:

    Wow! Brilliant! People think all religions are all ‘Oh no! Blasphemy! Smite him god! SMITE HIM, THE BLASPHEMER!’ but no! Wow… I just don’t quite know what to say… Great job, and REWARD HIM FSM! REWARD HIM! Wow….

  4. Ari says:

    Why oh why is the FSM eating that dog’s head?! Oh, wait…that IS the dog’s head. Reminds me of a manga I read once, called Parasyte.
    I love the swirly lines over the whatzit.

  5. Bob says:

    The only blasphemy that I can see here is that , in the face, He looks a little like Bill the Cat. (Bloom County reference for you whipper-snappers.)

  6. Noodly James says:

    Bill the cat? ok. I think it looks more like a couple of balls with pubes sprouting from it.

  7. Diehard4Christ says:

    Listen guys. I understand that you think this sort of satire is funny, but if someone drew Jesus on the cross, perhaps with a boner..then what would you think? Wouldn’t be laughing I’m guessing and this sort of mindless attempt at humour just makes way for those sort infringements on ideological truths like Christianity.

    • Rose Fsm believer and follower if the Order says:

      I HATE Christianity. I’m fine with noncrazy Christians, but the religion itself is bull and hateful.
      If they wanna take away people’s RIGHTS to have birth control, condoms and gay marriage, then I say mock the hell out of the religion.

  8. Jamie says:

    Where are the fleas?

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