Camden’s drawing

Published June 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I for one would like to see more work by Camden

Camden sent us this drawing, captioned “The Flying Spaghetti Monster watches Jesus and Satan fight in his spare time.”

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  1. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    albert the reasoning – Jun 17th, 2010
    — Could you please show me some of your reasoning skills? By reading your post I am not seeing any. So what if this was drawn by a 5 year old? The bible was written by a bunch of sheep herders from the bronze age who thought lightening was god being angry. They knew about as much of the world as 5 year olds in the present day know. I don’t see how you can put one above the other.

    What is fucked up is that people kill each other for this imaginary, invisible sky daddy of yours. Look at the wars in Africa, look at Ireland, think about the Crusades and the Inquisition. People are shunned from society because they are gay, or an atheist, or a different religion. Abortion clinics are blown up. Mourning families are mocked at their loved ones funerals. Know what is even more horrible? The fact that you are OK with it because you think you are right.

    Going back to those reasoning skills. Your little “what if you’re wrong” thing is called Pascal’s Wager. We have stomped that many times on this site. Basically, what if you picked the wrong god? You are running around being an asshole, and what if the REAL god doesn’t like the fact you are being an asshole for the wrong god?!? Then I guess you are going to hell. To assure your entrance into “heaven” I suggest you begin praying to every god that has ever been created. There are 5,000+ so I suggest you get started immediately. You never know when you could go!

    To get you started on your search so you don’t miss one: http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/index.php?_search

  2. Not so hairless Ape says:

    That’s really well done. Especially for a 5 year old. There’s a sense of action and story. My 7 year old nephew can’t do this well.

    Albert, since you espouse a religious belief I don’t think you get to use the word “reasoning” to describe yourself.

  3. Bam says:

    im not going to go on a tirade and start bashing everyone here for whatever…. to me thats not the pastafarian way, we are accepting people for the most part, and i think we have proved that here, even the child. at least he acknowledges other gods….

    but please consider this….think of our god. the Flying Spaghetti Monster….and try not to smile when you think of him and all his glory, it makes me smile every time i think of him, and i think that is what a good god is all about. not living in fear of what he may of may not do to you for the smallest indiscretion, but living in optimism knowing that you have a partner that is always supporting you through life, plundering, and disaster. a god that always makes you smile.

    i would like to thank all my pastafarian brothers and sisters for nothing more than keeping this debate civil….not many other religions can do this quite like us

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  5. bevan says:

    first of all im not some five yearold kid who drew this im 16 i am in a seminary class i drew this because my seminary teacher is a creepy butt hungry ass clown and i know he knows about this fsm crap and i drew it to piss him off and gave it to my friend and he put it on there i do belive in god but i think its very stupid how they try to shove stuff down peoples throat christ on a stick people

  6. Camden says:

    I am the co-artist of this picture and I helped Bevan draw it. I am here to confirm all that he has said to be true and that this drawing was infact a means to anger our teacher. We believe that NO teaher should cram philosophy down anyones throat. This does not teach a student anything. It only confuses and pressures them. We look up to FSM as a role model when it comes to resisting religious pressures and yes we do believe in God, so everyone stop arguing about the “five year old” that “drew” this picture because it was BEVAN AND I. No harm no foul. End of story.

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