Camden’s drawing

Published June 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I for one would like to see more work by Camden

Camden sent us this drawing, captioned “The Flying Spaghetti Monster watches Jesus and Satan fight in his spare time.”

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  1. albert the reasoning says:

    you guys are fuckin idiots this was drawn by a five year old. Then second of all this five year old is fucked up for life now he is gonna think some spaghetti monster is watchin him. That is horrible what if your wrong and this kid goes to hell because he believed in a different kind if god a bad satanic god in the real god’s eyes

  2. Natasha says:

    The awesomest part about this drawing is the fact that Jesus’s halo is held up by a stick, like it’s just a Halloween costume. This kid’s already got it all figured out.

  3. Mouse says:

    Albert the reasoning – what if you are wrong? Personally this kid draws better then me and if the real God punishes a 5 year old kid for something… well that is not very god like is it. Second if this kid is like most kids he will change his mind/thinking over God a million times before the age of 15 anyway. To him God really is kind like a super hero like spiderman or wolverine or even buddy christ. At least my 5 year old nephew (who is raised by very devote Catholics) thinks of God no matter what his parents teach him.

    (by the by I find most true Christians spell god with a capital “G” as in God because that is a sign of respect and authority over all the other gods that are out there. The very fact that you do not capitalize the word plus by your own admission admit that there are satanic bad gods out there make me doubt your inner faith. Just saying.)

  4. ATSAP REVOL says:

    @ Albert The Reasoning (#1)

    Al, as Natasha (#2) pointed out, the young artist has already decided that all three characters are imaginary. I’ll bet this youngster also draws Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in their appropriate seasons.

    Why would this kid be any more “fucked up for life,” as you put it, by believing that the FSM is watching over him than if he believes an all-powerful cranky old fart named God is keeping an eye on him. Actually, cranky old fart is a euphemism for a bloody, murderous, jealous, imaginary god of the Jews.

    Hell and Satan are your Christian inventions. They are just bullshit to keep the troops in line through fear.

    Christian pedophillia, however, is something real that’s worthy of fear by a young one. Our noble FSM doesn’t go around shoving his noodley appendages where they don’t belong.

    Uncle Atsap, the Pasta Lover

  5. Bigtallbill says:

    Satan’s horns are also a hat. it looks like Jesus punched Satan’s monicle off. Awesome drawing.

  6. Keith says:

    #1: Albert, Camden is thinking for himself, evidently an alien concept to you. I know who I think is the most mature between the two of you.

  7. Cletus the Average Superior X-tian says:

    hay their allbit tha reesonator feller yoos sher iz rite, i’s reckon that that there kid iz gunna be all fuked up tinkin that that there stoopit sketti monser iz gunna be a watchin him. he shood no that ma bestest invesible frend jeebus wil be a watchin. he no’s wen yoo been gud and wen yoos bin bad and he no’s if yoo voted fer that ther stoopit bommer feller or inny wun else jeebus hates. i’s shur hope that sumbudy gets that kid help and takes him to cherch and makes him watch fox an reed tha by-bull. he needs too beeleave in tha same gawd as mee or he will go too hell and it aint not gud too beeleeve in a differint won then mee, that theirs in tha by-bull! he shood also watch nascar cuz jeebus maded that cuz i’s likes it an everbudy ellse shood to.

    • Rose Fsm believer and follower if the Order says:

      Says the KID who talks like a chav. Moron.

    • Keith says:

      I think we have someone who is using a kanji keyboard and who talks Simlish.

    • Captain Darkblade says:

      I’m calling fake on this one.

  8. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    UM alber the reasonable how is that any different to him thinking its a sky daddy watching him except our god is friendly and doesn’t kill where as the sky daddy does

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