You and your so-called followers sicken me

Published May 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

It is disheartening at least and sickening at worst that you sought to make a website solely for your foolish beliefs, serious or not, that a dish of pasta created you. Flying Spaghetti Monster? Yes. The meal doesn’t even have sauce, you delusional communists (because you know that if you eat pasta without sauce, it is nothing short of communism)! Let’s see your deity save your soul and work miracles. I am sincerely concerned for your sanity, but I don’t give a damn if God strikes you dead.

How dare you mock the Father in such a manner? To be atheistic is expected, as humans have little faith for what cannot be seen. But to mock the religions of others? That is to stoop lower, into the depths of Hell itself. You are hardly worthy of being Satan’s pet pig. Swine. Nothing more than something to be sneered at for smelliness. You and your so-called followers sicken me.

– Marie

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  1. Flippy says:

    You eat Top Ramen without sauce. Anyways, we’re not mocking anyone. This is what WE believe and this is what we CHOOSE to believe.

  2. Hijack says:

    Pot, meet kettle.

  3. Wolfy says:

    You would chastise us for mocking your beliefs, which we do not, directly after mocking our beliefs?

  4. Methusillah says:

    So much for the loving-kindness of the followers of the Zombie Son of an unprovable idea.
    As well, psychologically, no one can sicken you, child. You choose to be sickened. It is your reaction, your choice in how to react. Therefore your sick state of being is completely your responsibility. Grow up and develop some of that taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and words and actions. Transference does not work. You could also try to develop an open mind and get a real education.

  5. Kakistos says:

    without sauce? blasphemer!!!

  6. Tripolar says:

    I sincerely hope that that was a joke… not eating pasta sauce does not make you a communist, Communism is, by definition, a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, and the goal is extreme equality. Pasta sauce has nothing to do with communism, and the only way it would matter to a communist is that the rest of the communists got pasta sauce too.

  7. Alphy says:

    ” Let’s see your deity save your soul and work miracles. I am sincerely concerned for your sanity, but I don’t give a damn if God strikes you dead. ”

    …work miracles? Now tell me who’s delusional. Seems to me you need to be concerned with your own sanity. As for me I don’t believe in miracles but I do believe in Mother Goose and the Tooth Fairy as much as fundies believe in Jesus walking on water, rapture and all the other supernatural nonsense they swallow hook, line and sinker in the name of Gawd, religion or Geezuz.

    “…but I don’t give a damn if God strikes you dead.” Aye, what a lovely christian sentiment.

    Geezuz, Merry and Joestuff! Saints preserve us!

  8. Sarclown says:

    Wait, they can smell us? Really??? GDI!

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