You and your so-called followers sicken me

Published May 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

It is disheartening at least and sickening at worst that you sought to make a website solely for your foolish beliefs, serious or not, that a dish of pasta created you. Flying Spaghetti Monster? Yes. The meal doesn’t even have sauce, you delusional communists (because you know that if you eat pasta without sauce, it is nothing short of communism)! Let’s see your deity save your soul and work miracles. I am sincerely concerned for your sanity, but I don’t give a damn if God strikes you dead.

How dare you mock the Father in such a manner? To be atheistic is expected, as humans have little faith for what cannot be seen. But to mock the religions of others? That is to stoop lower, into the depths of Hell itself. You are hardly worthy of being Satan’s pet pig. Swine. Nothing more than something to be sneered at for smelliness. You and your so-called followers sicken me.

– Marie

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  1. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear Marie,

    Oink, oink. Thank you for your loving Christian message. I’d rather be Satan’s pet pig than your murderous, jealous, anger-ridden god’s little angel. Fortunately, neither fate is possible, because there ain’t no Christian Satan and there ain’t no Christian god.

    Go be sick on some other website, troll; you’re not welcome here.

    atsaP revoL, The Pasta Lover

  2. bluzdude says:

    Marie is obviously an unrepentant saucist, who only has a rudimentary understanding of satire. Or a coherent point.

  3. Phyvel says:

    Marie, Marie, quite contrary. We HAVE sauce and flakes of dairy.

  4. David says:

    How dare you make fun of OUR religion!!!

  5. Cheekymuffy says:

    Must be satire. Has to be. If it’s not may his noodly appendage strike me down now!

  6. Joe Philips says:

    He’s correct. Sauce-less pasta is very Stalin-esq. Maybe add a little Pesto or Arribbiata.

  7. PlagueChicken says:

    …this is vaguely reminiscent of the whole Monty Python routine in ‘The Holy Grail’…
    “…your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!’

    Its been done before…not even a good frothing rant here. I’m bored by the quality of hatemailer these days.

    Avast – ’tis time fer some grog!


  8. zebobbybird says:

    I really wish someone would just log on and say something like “Im so glad i gave up jew on a stick for Spaghetti monsters!”

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