You and your so-called followers sicken me

Published May 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

It is disheartening at least and sickening at worst that you sought to make a website solely for your foolish beliefs, serious or not, that a dish of pasta created you. Flying Spaghetti Monster? Yes. The meal doesn’t even have sauce, you delusional communists (because you know that if you eat pasta without sauce, it is nothing short of communism)! Let’s see your deity save your soul and work miracles. I am sincerely concerned for your sanity, but I don’t give a damn if God strikes you dead.

How dare you mock the Father in such a manner? To be atheistic is expected, as humans have little faith for what cannot be seen. But to mock the religions of others? That is to stoop lower, into the depths of Hell itself. You are hardly worthy of being Satan’s pet pig. Swine. Nothing more than something to be sneered at for smelliness. You and your so-called followers sicken me.

– Marie

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  1. Paul says:

    To the One True Prophet Booby and His Noodliness,

    First – an admission and repentence. I was born of a vague faith – undefined and never nutured with tangible evidential support. As I matured I lost whatever faith I had and followed what I now see as a misguided path to everlasting damnation; I was swept away with open eyes and read the heathens science at University. Several postgrad courses later almost completed my descent. But lo! I was guided by His noodley appendage to this site and I am saved.

    Why, oh why, could I ever denounce any true God. Blinded by evil reason and what I once knew as empiricism; He is truly a testing God. I am now forever saved. Praise be to this site, the Gospel (which came via His chosen vehicle: Amazon) and a love of various pasta dishes.

    RAmen :)

  2. Lewis Decker says:

    Regarding “You and your so-called followers sicken me”; eating pasta without sauce is…communism? I shudder to think what she’d say about not putting ketchup on a burger.

    • Ritchi says:

      That would make you a nazi, a burger nazi, like a grammar nazi but with burgers.

      • zoe says:

        OMG – oops – oh my Noodliness I’m really choking now!!!! lololol

        • Zuri says:

          Are you trying to be dumb? Or did you decide to get drunk on Christmas?

  3. holly says:


    • MoFo Hack says:

      YEA! im a pig! now i taste good, maby ill be made into his noodly goodness’ meatballs!

      • SPELLCHECKER says:

        MoFo, your lesson for today is to learn how to spell MAYBE and I’LL and I’M (with apostrophes). There are several other errors, but that’s probably all your tiny mind can encompass at one sitting.

        • Bobba Fett says:

          Who gives a shit about grammar? It’s text slang.

        • sky lukewarmer says:

          If a byproduct of pastafarianism is better grammar, then so be it.(never end a sentence with a preposition!).

    • Zuri says:

      You’re hopeless.

  4. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    “When even the brightest mind in our world has been trained up from childhood in a superstition of any kind, it will never be possible for that mind, in its maturity, to examine sincerely, dispassionately, and conscientiously any evidence or any circumstance which shall seem to cast a doubt upon the validity of that superstition. I doubt if I could do it myself.” – Mark Twain

  5. Joel says:

    “humans have little faith for what cannot be seen.” we could say the exact same thing to support the FSM…

  6. Ted says:

    Yeah I’m a communist, thats what makes me so awsome ;)

    • Ted says:

      From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

      • Marxist-Pastafarianist says:

        I find it funny that the term Communist comes up in a religious conversation about whos god is more absurd. but first thing is first. this woman says the FSM and Pastafarians are intollerant of religion, yet she has the audacity to blast and slander a century old politcal tradition that brought us the weekend, 8 hour working day and the minimum wage. tst tst tst. seriously as a Marxist and a Pasta I hope this woman (explitive deleted) and is saved by his nnodly goodness, at least saved till the revolution. come the revolution we Commies of little faith and much Pasta will put her before the baricades! Also in reference to Communists eating druy pasta, spaghetti sauce is generally made of tommatos (and the blood of molech’s sacrificial infants blood) which is red, and last i checked Commies like me OWN red, its our colour (except on xmas when we lease it to Santa and his kooky clan of reindeer, whom by the way are lifted in the air to each home on xmas night by HIS noody appendeges.

        Is conclusion

        All power to the Workers of the World!
        All Pasta to the Proletariat!

  7. shannon g says:

    i really like this site i really do…i think the anger of those who wish science be taught in science class and theology be taught in philosophy class is justified and righteous. i myself am not an atheist but i am not a christian and will never be one…it pains me that this even becomes a debate about spiritual reality when science has no answer for that sort of question (i doubt it ever will) one should have nothing to do with the other….in a perfect world i think theist of all sorts could look at the evidence that is now so vast it is beyond rational refute. and say “oh well my holy tome was written in mans early past maybe my “higher power” (insert yer fav deity here) was using metaphors and such to illustrate a message, maybe it’s that message of love and peace that is the important part…maybe to take certain things in this book of ideas as literal truth is perhaps making my “higher power” look like a jack ass because i can’t use the little context and common sense he gave me to look past and really take his meaning to heart..just say’n

    • Zeus Almighty says:

      Great post, dude or dudette.

      • sky lukewarmer says:

        Your rationality is a credit to you.

      • Zuri says:

        Zeus Almighty? Oh great, now we have Greek mythology believers here. Before you know it, they will be fighting Pastafarians for this site.

        • Yay! says:

          Why should the fact that people believe in other deities than yourself effect you in any way? Please, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, explain why Xtians hate anybody who doesn’t worship /their/ god?

    • Howard says:

      Now that’s the ticket! Nothing more needs to be said.

  8. Michael Fogelberg says:

    I dont care i love his noodly apendage and i would worship him even when i am dead

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