Wedding Stole

Published May 5th, 2010 by user-submitted

In preparing to preside over a friends wedding, I put together a special pastoral garmet for the occasion.  I thought you might enjoy a peek, as I was able to incorporate both the Jolly Fish and the FSM.

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  1. Fusillier says:

    Fantastic, I wonder if the Minister will have an opinion!

  2. ramenman says:

    mazal tov!

  3. Pirate Esmond says:

    That is lovely!!! An ordained pirate share his message with us!!! Forgive me Pirate for I have sinned!!! I lust after your wedding stole. I will not say 1 1/2 hail stripper prayers; Hail Joliena and hail the other stripper that does not take all her clothes off (1/2 prayer).

    Can you do my wedding?


  4. atheistwars says:

    how about I believe in WHATEVER I want – even in the FLYING SPAGHETTI
    MONSTER! – and you have nothing to say!

    let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
    of thinking that is called *CRITICAL THINKING*, which is completely divorced from
    any human objectives…

    this style has been perfected by dawkins, pz, randi and the other *NEW ATHEISTS*
    THE BOOBQUAKE – 911!….
    hey, atheists don’t even BELIEVE IN BOOBIES!!!
    they thought BOOBIES had no effect… WRONG!

    see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:
    jen is unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN EROS & SCIENCE….



    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION – THAT
    OF LIBERATION – not just merely harmless expression…

    Visit for the BOOBQUAKE:


  5. Ricardo says:

    Awesome, i want a pastor like you for my wedding too

  6. Michael nicholson says:

    Lol dad! XD

  7. Susie-Q says:

    Oh my good good goodness! That is just wonderful. I wish I’d thought of that. As a Pagan minister I cannot ,of course, steal the idea but I may well borrow it and make a Kiva loan in penance of my pirate ways.
    AAARRRGGGGGH and may the Blessings of the Sauce be on you!


  8. Wren says:

    Mike, you’re a genius! Your friend must be thrilled that his/her union will be blessed by the touch of FSM’s noodly appendage. If I ever have cause to get married again I might have to call on you to preside :)


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