Japan Manga Sighting

Published May 31st, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


Very recently a comic in Japan published a story about a bizarre cult that ended in the creation of His (actually Her) Noodleyness. While comics there are full of tentacled monsters, the details are too exact to be anything but a call out. "It looks like spaghetti", inexplicably flying away with meaty balls, the cult god. I was thrilled that FSM has crossed cultural borders.


I can confirm that the FSM has been making the rounds. The Gospel was released in Japan some time ago.  I’ve been receiving emails from our neighbors across the Pacific regularly.

17 Responses to “Japan Manga Sighting”

  1. Eniavlys says:

    Juste a question, what’s the name of this manga?

    • Andrea says:

      it is titled Franken Fran, a horror-ish “careful what you wish for” sort of medical manga. They do mention in the chapter that there is a “cult of FSM” about this one girl… don’t want to give away too much, but FSM is born at the end of the chapter.

      • Eric says:

        You can read the chapter of the manga online just by doing a quick google search for it.

        It was rather creepy and disturbing, and the cult in the manga does not seem to represent any of the ideals of true Pastafarianism, but the link is there. Aside form calling it the “F.S.M. Cult” at the end when the ‘god’ is born, one person says “It looks like flying spaghetti!”

  2. Max Sekula says:

    So in this particular comic FSM is a female? I wonder just how rooted in Pastafarianism this is- do they really think there would be a stripper factory in heaven if it was made by a woman?

  3. Nestor says:

    I reported this last month. Oh well, my chance at noodly stardom passed me by.

  4. Wren says:

    Is Japanese FSM made of udon and gyoza? Because I’d definitely worship at that altar at very regular intervals. Although technically I guess that would make it FUM… (and s/he could say “Miso Noodly!” sorry, couldn’t resist).

    RAmen (or udon)


  5. Wren says:

    @ Max Sekula

    Who says the strippers are all women? My understanding of the gospel is that the stripper factory is able to cater to any particular fancy you may have, be it man, women, sheep or somewhere in between…

    But hey, if I’m wrong at least there’s always plenty of beer.

  6. Mechtaur says:

    @ Eniavlys: Franken Frak, apparently.

    Wow, kind of amazed at the description of it.

  7. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    RAmen my brother theres always beer everywhere if you look hard enough,
    @2 besides who says women don’t like strippers?

  8. Eniavlys says:

    @Mechtaur (6)
    I’ve just seen that the image was a link, but thank you.

    @Sekula (5)
    If my memory it’s good, the stripper are not only what you want, but if you don’t want to see the other strippers (the sheep if you don’t like sheep) you will not see then, even if your best is near to you screaming “SO CUTE SHEEP STRIPPER”

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