Japan Manga Sighting

Published May 31st, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


Very recently a comic in Japan published a story about a bizarre cult that ended in the creation of His (actually Her) Noodleyness. While comics there are full of tentacled monsters, the details are too exact to be anything but a call out. "It looks like spaghetti", inexplicably flying away with meaty balls, the cult god. I was thrilled that FSM has crossed cultural borders.


I can confirm that the FSM has been making the rounds. The Gospel was released in Japan some time ago.  I’ve been receiving emails from our neighbors across the Pacific regularly.

17 Responses to “Japan Manga Sighting”

  1. Josiphia says:

    I was just reading that manga and got to that chapter! It’s brilliant. The manga is called Franken Fran by Kigitsu Katsuhisa for those asking.

  2. Oswin says:

    Yes, its from Franken Fran Chapter 26.. And it really have something to do with god in that chapter. ^^

  3. AXBHikaru says:

    Just read this in Franken Fran and had to see if this was on here, 8D

  4. Eyepatch'd says:

    I love Franken Fran, I need to get caught up, especially after seeing this. XDD

  5. Fran Madaraki says:

    I’m actually just on this chapter of Franken Fran! She’s pretty awesome~

  6. Ajay Garg says:

    Loved it!


  7. PervySageChuck says:

    As both an FSM minister and a proofreader for a scanlation group, I am pleased to see our Lord represented in Japanese culture!

    May His Noodly Appendage always touch you. RAmen!!!

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