Implicit endorsement

Published May 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

On a more creepy note, I've been told there are a surprising number of high-level pentagon people who are die-hard Scientologists.

Good news.   I just heard that the U.S. Strategic Command has unblocked venganza.org.  Until now, you could not reach this site from within their network.   I suppose we should take this as implicit endorsement of the Pastafarian religion by the U.S. government. 

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  1. Pirate Esmond says:

    Pastalujah!!! Maybe they will move to give friday’s off for pastafarian worship.


  2. Mouse says:

    Ya, know if you squint the parking lot looks like rows and rows of uncooked pasta! Maybe his Noodlieness is preparing to enlighten all of D.C. starting with the military. World peace is sure to follow!

  3. Luke says:

    @1 I hope so! I really do! Finnaly us Pastafarians are being reilised:D

  4. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    i didn’t even know it was blocked, next step Bobby Henderson for prime minister of uk!

  5. Maurog says:

    Out of curiosity, what other religious sites they had been blocking access to from their network, or still do?

  6. zebobbybird says:

    I guess when you get enough crazy followers, you are no longer a cult and therefore no longer a threat. At least, thats the way it seems to work, since there is little talk about crazy assed christians and lots of talk about crazies from other religions.

  7. Keith says:

    Perhaps the USSC was doing it to target the FSM site because they thought:

    1) It was a Communist plot
    2) it was a terrorist cell
    3) It was an attempt to draw children away from their destructive evil rapist god.
    4) The image of the FSM was the diagramme for a new terrorist weapon (Shades of Our Man in Havanna)
    5) They had to make certain that the CFSM was not run by tentacled invaders from outer space.

    Feel free to add further paranoid reasons.

  8. lilwench says:

    Perhaps they will also allow the eyepatch to be worn in uniform as a required religious garment, in much the way the Jewish, Sikh, and Muslim faiths can also wear religious headgear. The eyepatch also won’t interfere with the proper wear of the beret.
    And it looks dashing.

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