Blasphemous cartoon

Published May 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I just noticed it was the Devil and God

Cristian spotted the FSM in this Chilean comic.  In Spanish it reads, “Looks tasty, doesn’t it?  Would you pass me the Parmesan.”

No doubt this will incite all sorts of hateful responses because that’s a legitimate and not-at-all unreasonable and nutty response to a cartoon. 

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  1. vik says:

    You are all missing the point. The most important thing that this cartoon shows us!

    You ARE what you eat, hence, the Christian God and Satan are both incarnations of the FSM!

  2. Keith says:

    #8: Natalia: Don’t worry about your English. You made the effort which is good and which, by the way, is still superior to that of most hate mailers. I believe there are two possible reasons for the triangular halo.
    1) The artist was deathly frightened of depicting an exact replica of Jesus (although given his/her style there was no need to worry)
    2) The halo is a slice of cheese.

    I prefer the second explanation.

  3. Halo says:

    Triangular halo is a symbol of Christian god.

    Here a representation of Christian and Muslim gods: http://cms7.blogia.com/blogs/i/iv/iva/ivansainzpardo/upload/20060212010719-dios-mio.jpg

  4. Aldo says:

    Triangular Halo is a representation of the Holy Trinity (God father, God son, Holy spirit).

  5. Fipi says:

    I’m from Chile too and i’m a fan of that comic strip, it’s very funny and often makes fun of religions. I’m sure the author didn’t mean to offend us Pastafarians (if only that were enough for muslims and christians…). Here’s another funny one:


  6. Danzki says:

    Doesn’t this mean that god and the devil are pastafarians? I think this i more of a tribute then, no?

  7. Pato says:

    Hey, I like the guy’s comics. They aren’t offensive for Him, just sarcastic :P .. Alberto Montt don’t change please! ^^ Argentina with Lio Messi rules ♥

  8. Alberto says:

    Wow, simply Wow.

    I’m a university student from chile and i can say that I’m in awe at the many manifestation of his noodly appendage. They’re so many I’m starting to think it’s a message from Him to make me start a new Chapter at my University (universidad de chile), already full of pirates, strippers, spaghetti and beer! surely that would help to fix the impasse made by that cartoon, even though I prefer those optimistic interpretations from cavatelli, danzki and vik

    dont be misguided! Chile has been proved worth of Pastafarism by the multiple sightings of FSM!

    ps: btw i’ve been a devoted pastafarian since years ago, I found salvation from catholic oppression within His Noodly Appendage.

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