Bang – the universe verse

Published May 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


James Dunbar created this rhyming, scientifically accurate comic book about the origin of the universe.   James believes – and I concur – that everyone should have access to a scientifically-based understanding of our creation, and no one should let religion keep them (or their children) ignorant of the true and miraculous nature of our existence.

He’s put the whole thing up for free online. Here’s a description of the comic:

A scientifically accurate, rhyming, comic book that describes the origin of the universe in captivating white on black illustrations. From the beginning of existence to the birth of stars and galaxies,you’ll learn how matter was created, why stars shine and where where we fit in this wild and crazy universe. This book is intended for all ages. If you don’t understand everything, don’t worry, no one does! That’s why it rhymes and has lots of pictures.

And here are a few example pages.  Amazing artwork:

amazing artwork This is the sort of work that deserves a wider audience. James is at that point where he’s done everything right, and he just needs the right people to see what he can do.  I would not be surprised at all to see James get a deal to make a whole series of similar books. I would love to see these in schools.

Here’s the link to the comic.

4 Responses to “Bang – the universe verse”

  1. VICKIE says:

    loved it. the artwork is great and really hope he does get a wider audience of people interested in his work:-)

  2. Iron Mike says:

    I put this on my Facebook page. Need to spread the word.

  3. Ernesto Tantao says:

    Wow, nice find. *bookmarked*

  4. Grant Wilson says:

    The young comics author as he is, James is an example of inspiration and enthusiasm for all writers. I’m waiting for the recent news about his new project The Female Furies for DC Comics. Feminism today is not only a talk about gender, it’s more about traditional vs non-traditional approach to thinking – https://hireessaywriter.org/ source

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