About your delicious god

Published May 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

OK first off, I realize that weed is legal there and I’m sure your all very high all the time, but what the fuck are you smoking to make you think that a food that can be made by anyone is you god? I mean in all honesty don’t you think that if he really was god then he would have rotted and decomposed by now? and if he’s not decomposed and still just chilling around, wouldn’t you be tempted to eat your god? I mean I love spaghetti but I I’m not going to worship it, cause if I get hungry later I don’t wanna eat the god and then go to hell with the lasagna monster. LAY OFF THE HALLUCINATE POT!


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  1. Pasta Beard says:

    Where are you talking about? Weed isn’t legal here. Also why do you think there’s a lasagna moster? That’s just silly. Everyone knows FSM woudn’t create something that far fetched.

  2. Mariner says:

    Tell me, do you insult Islam as well? Catholics eat their god and drink his blood all the time, it’s called transubstantiation. By your reasoning, Jessie must have decomposed long before you got around to sending this hate filled letter to us. PERSECUTION!

  3. Bigslicka says:

    Every hear of taking Holy Communion? Eating the body of Christ and drinking his blood. And pasta tastes much better then those little wafers.

  4. Jim says:


  5. Pan Narrans says:

    I have a feeling you took some “HALLUCINATE POT!” before writing this letter, it certainly reads like you had. I’m slightly worried by your belief that gods can rot and decompose.

    Also, you’re not funny.

  6. bootz says:

    The idiot above (and all others looking at this) cant even recognize satire. But I wont judge you and your stupidity. Your just a product of your oppressive environment. Instead of worrying about us, Worry about your Christian priest that will be touching your children (or you) with his noddely “appendage”


  7. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    Understanding pastafarinaism: FAIL
    Knowledge of our whereabouts: FAIL
    Understanding basic theism: FAIL
    Understanding basic English: FAIL

    Another dumbass.


  8. StJason says:

    -“Eat our god” – Generic Troll comment #2 (check)
    -Threaten us with hell – Fundy mouthing #1 (yup, that too)
    -Misspellings, grammar of a kindergartner, and logical fallacies. (check, check, and check)

    Congratulations. You are a troll. A very, very generic troll. One that could have been made by simply cutting and pasting from other letters. Does that bother you? Does it bother you that your letter is likely indicative of your life. You live a generic, cut & paste life that all but guarantees the fact that you won’t be missed when you finally leave the rest of us in piece. The best that could be said about you is that the world will be a little less crowded. And that should bother you. That should get you off the couch with your little buddies, who are sniggering and passing the bong around, and say to yourself “Hey, I want my life to mean something!”

    Most of the people here are working for a very good cause. When we leave this planet, at least in one aspect, the world will be a little better. Science will remain pure. Religion will remain pure. Both can go about their business without corrupting each other. That is the real legacy of Bobby Henderson. A generation of children will now be able to learn (the admittedly watered down) science from their classes, and go on to be able to use those facts, rather then just chalking it up to ‘God did it” and reducing Americas sad place in the world.

    What, aside from eating brownies, did you do today, Julio?

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