About your delicious god

Published May 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

OK first off, I realize that weed is legal there and I’m sure your all very high all the time, but what the fuck are you smoking to make you think that a food that can be made by anyone is you god? I mean in all honesty don’t you think that if he really was god then he would have rotted and decomposed by now? and if he’s not decomposed and still just chilling around, wouldn’t you be tempted to eat your god? I mean I love spaghetti but I I’m not going to worship it, cause if I get hungry later I don’t wanna eat the god and then go to hell with the lasagna monster. LAY OFF THE HALLUCINATE POT!


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  1. Chris says:

    Pot is not a Hallucinogen.

    What you are looking for is mushrooms, LSD, mescaline or PCP.

    The whole argument loses something when you can’t insult properly.



  2. Miles says:

    Weed Legal??? Where is this you say?? Sorry stopped reading after that. Always distracts me. Damn short attention span. Now where were we?

  3. Diego Ramos says:

    1. Divine pasta does not rot or decompose.

    2. The FSM is happy to share His noodly goodness to those who hunger for it.


  4. Kristen says:

    weed is legal there? um where do you think he is? kansas is in america and pot is illegal everywhere in america, plus pot doesn’t make you hallucinate. and how can you not tell that this was a JOKE, it was meant to show that intelligent design is as much a science as believing in a flying spaghetti monster is science, not to create an actual religion where people worship pasta, pastafarians don’t actually believe in a spaghetti god they just agree with the letter and the reasoning behind it, we “worship” the FSM to show that we agree with it and that people who try to call religion a science are ridiculous.


  5. Hippie Pirate says:

    Weed isn’t legal here…and had no influence on my decision to follow a religion that actually makes sense.

    So you are saying that gods don’t have the power to keep themselves from decomposing?

    As for the eating part, I host a spaghetti dinner every month. There is nothing like communion!

    Hell has no monsters either, just stale beer and strippers with VDs. You shouldn’t worry though, nobody actually ends up there.

  6. Adam says:

    Dude, get your drugs straight. Nobody hallucinates after smoking weed unless they’re complete hosers who smoked oregano and think they’re high. No, the FSM would not have decomposed because as the all powerful creator of the universe he is not subject to the same laws we are. Christians eat their god all the time and then wash him down with a nice big swig of his blood, so what’s wrong with enjoying a big bowl of pasta in honour of His Noodliness? And the FSM is a hell of a lot more delicious than the dry flavourless cracker things your god is made of, so take a hike Julio, if I wanna smoke a big fat one and bask in his Noodly Glory I will.

  7. Wolfe says:

    Don’t worry, none of us are high.

    Of course he wouldn’t rot, he’s God.

    Eating spaghetti is holy.

    There is no lasagna monster in Hell, but there is stale beer.

  8. Alexander says:

    You missed the point here. But regarding food, catholics (and other christians) believe that they eat the body of christ and they drink his blood through (the doctrine is called transubstantiation), so they basically eat christ, how is that different to our faith? we share the boody and salse of our spaghetti lord.

    So yes, we are tempted to eat our god, as many crhistians also do.

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