About your delicious god

Published May 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

OK first off, I realize that weed is legal there and I’m sure your all very high all the time, but what the fuck are you smoking to make you think that a food that can be made by anyone is you god? I mean in all honesty don’t you think that if he really was god then he would have rotted and decomposed by now? and if he’s not decomposed and still just chilling around, wouldn’t you be tempted to eat your god? I mean I love spaghetti but I I’m not going to worship it, cause if I get hungry later I don’t wanna eat the god and then go to hell with the lasagna monster. LAY OFF THE HALLUCINATE POT!


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  1. Signe says:

    But the thing is… you can eat your god… And it is a part of the worshiping. I don’t go to hell because i eat noodles :-D

  2. Jochem Atteveld says:

    Hey, a Lasagna monster as a rival to the Spagghetti monster is a pretty good idea.

  3. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    firstly hes not made of spaghetti he purley made spaghetti in his image seondly i don’t smoke weed and its not legal here
    sop check your facts first Julio

  4. LeftOfSean says:

    Sounds like someone needs a little spaghetti!!

  5. Pastor Fair Ian says:

    And thus hi noodlines spake unto the midgit prophet, Thou shalt not get stoned out of you gourd and eat the noodly lord, no matter how strong the power of the munchies may be.


  6. Fusillier says:

    Yes,but the christian god isn’t even delicious! One up for FSM then!

  7. Shamrock says:

    The fact that spaghetti can be made by anyone is exactly the point – His Noodlyness is for everyone, not just an elite few.
    Rotted and decomposed? From His saucy goodness to His hearty meatballs he is divine and eternal, and therefore He shall never fade away.
    If you get hungry, He invites and encourages you to eat Him. What better way to become one with Him than to symbolically eat him (or literally if you are Roman Pastafarian).
    As far as this ‘weed’ that you speak of – remember that all things are created by His Noodlyness and meant to be enjoyed by us . . . especially beer and strippers.

  8. Bob says:

    OK, Julio. Where exactly is weed legal? On the internet?

    I think I like the “concerned christians” better than these painfully pathetic comedians.

    The FSMs resemblance to spaghetti may be merely coincidental. The point is he is the real creator by means of intelligent design, and in fact the only God with a book that clearly states so. All the other Gods used much quicker creation methods, read their books. “Intelligent Design” took two billion years of trial and error, so only a rather unintelligent designer, such as FSM, explains the theory. Even dumbass humans evolved aircraft from balloons to space shuttles in a hundred years by trial and error. The intelligent designer of life on this planet had to be far less intelligent to require 2,000,000,000 years to get to the obvious pinnacle of creation, us.

    Just be thankful he isn’t a hateful, jealous megalomaniac like some imaginary Gods, or we’d all look like spaghetti, down on our noodles groveling for his mercy.

    If you’re hung up on appearances Julio, This religion might still be for you. Everyone looks better in pirate clothing. Personally, I don’t think you’re worthy. Lucky for you, the FSM is far more benevolent.

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