This site is frustrating

Published April 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This site is frustrating because these “pastafarians” just use this mock religion to bash on everyone else’s beliefs. there are pieces in the Bible that seem absurd… talking animals, reanimated corpses, the ground opening up and swallowing people, etc. but nothing that takes THIS great a leap in logic. God isn’t a “bearded man on a cloud” He’s the creative force in this universe. hell isn’t a place where you can “chill with friends, but boy is it hot in here”… hell is a place reserved for Satan, and the people who he deceives into following him there. don’t take all this as “shoving my religion down your throat” take it as a clarification of some misunderstandings some pastafarians seem to have about Christianity. the obvious point behind this website is to say “hey you believe in God without proof, well we believe in noodles, and since they already exist, that counts as proof”… well basically, it’s not proof people should look for in spirituality… it’s doctrine. pastafarian doctrine is an obvious farce. the Bible has integrity. where all these other “religious books” fall short, the Bible stands firm. you guys couldn’t even come up with an original name… it had to be ripped off from the Rastafarians… give the Bible a try, an honest try.

Peace and Love for my fellow humans,

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  1. Phyvel says:

    Perhaps it is you Who misunderstands Christianity. I have a pretty good grasp on Christianity, and the Jewish faith. Seeing as how I squandered away the first 29 years of my life, nose deep in religion. Life is so much more fullfilling, now that I’ve lost all faith. I’m certainly a lot less angry… I’m pretty sure my daughter enjoys her “faithless” daddy, much more than she would being stoned (traditional, not hippie), or whored out to my friends, as an object, as opposed to her being a respected human being.

  2. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Joe, you might also want to add:
    “Santa Claus isn’t your dad: he’s a bearded jolly fat man living near the North Pole” and
    “The NIght Before Christmas” stands firm or coal in your stocking is reserved for bad children.

    Enough with the fairy tales. Grow up. Tesvoy, I’m with you “the Bible has integrity” had me in stitches.

  3. Nicole says:


    “there are pieces in the Bible that seem absurd”

    Only pieces ??? Really ??? Have you read the Bible ??? I have and that is one of the main reasons I think it is barely useful as a doorstop. Lets take a quick look at your belief

    God creates humans without the knowledge of good and evil, tells them not to eat from a tree. A talking snake convinces them that they should eat from the tree. Not knowing that they are doing something wrong (they don’t understand good and evil yet … remember?) they eat the fruit. God gets pissed at them for doing something he knew they would do and punishes them by kicking them out of paradise to die. Fast forward … God comes down in human form to die a horrible death to appease himself for the sins he created us to commit… now it doesn’t matter how good you are … if you don’t pledge your adoration to god, then off to hell with you. Likewise, it doesn’t matter how awful a life you lead, if you pledge yourself to god … you get your get out of hell free card and off to heaven with you.

    When you put it that way …. yeah makes perfect sense

  4. Lady Lippy says:

    Silly, silly Joe. You have missed the point. This “religion” was formed to counteract the ridiculousness of intelligent design in the classroom as a rebuttal to real science. Our responses to hate mail and concerned-for-our-soul-christians like yourself is just because you force us into it, and it is a little bit fun sometimes. I have tried your bible, in fact I was brainwashed by my parents who just didn’t know any better. When I started asking questions about the doctrine and received only stupid and completely illogical answers from everyone, I realized the truth…it was all made up to control the masses and give them hope that something better is out there. Well Joe, I’ll tell you a secret: something better is here…you just have to embrace it…it’s called reality.

    PS. I prayed to your god for 20 years and never received an answer. I emailed Bobby and got a response within less than 24 hours.

  5. Wench Bob says:

    Yech. As for Joe’s last line, that old plea about “giving the bible a try”, Joe, that’s part of why many of us are here, for the better gospel of pasta and beer; we’ve given your bible a try and a good look, and we have seen right through the fictions and nonsense and evil in it. Your desperate plea doesn’t help your already failed case.

  6. Brian Fritzen says:


    You do realize that Pastafarianism was created in order to keep YOUR RELIGION out of science classrooms.

    You do understand how absurd it is to teach religious dogma in lieu of science, don’t you?

    BTW We just ripped off the Rastas????? Hmmmmm….. Ever read Gilgamesh? Written long before the birth of Jesus. Of particular interest is the part where Gilgamesh encounters Utnapishtim. Read and learn young padawan. Read and Learn.


  7. gordon_uk says:

    To Joe

    This frustrating? You can easily navigate to a different site but for us it’s everywhere we go, it’s being pushed in to our schools, our government it even governs when we are allowed to go shopping (well at lest here in the UK with the Sunday trading laws).

    Imagine how frustrating it is having to live in a world that thinks you are somehow immoral or lacking just because you don’t believe what they do, living in a world where people to make comments about us in the same why you have.

    Your narrow mindedness is again highlighted by your statement “where all these other ‘religious books’ fall short, the Bible stands firm”, so you are saying all other religions are wrong but yours is right? How do you know that’s the case?

    If you really didn’t want to shove your “my religion down your throat” you would not of bothered sending Bobby the e-mail in the first place let alone end it with “give the Bible a try, an honest try”.

    PS as you will see a lot more of use understand your bible then you do.


  8. Chris says:

    It is interesting that you were offended by Joe’s condescention. ‘What a jackass’ doesn’t seem thoughtful or funny.

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