This site is frustrating

Published April 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This site is frustrating because these “pastafarians” just use this mock religion to bash on everyone else’s beliefs. there are pieces in the Bible that seem absurd… talking animals, reanimated corpses, the ground opening up and swallowing people, etc. but nothing that takes THIS great a leap in logic. God isn’t a “bearded man on a cloud” He’s the creative force in this universe. hell isn’t a place where you can “chill with friends, but boy is it hot in here”… hell is a place reserved for Satan, and the people who he deceives into following him there. don’t take all this as “shoving my religion down your throat” take it as a clarification of some misunderstandings some pastafarians seem to have about Christianity. the obvious point behind this website is to say “hey you believe in God without proof, well we believe in noodles, and since they already exist, that counts as proof”… well basically, it’s not proof people should look for in spirituality… it’s doctrine. pastafarian doctrine is an obvious farce. the Bible has integrity. where all these other “religious books” fall short, the Bible stands firm. you guys couldn’t even come up with an original name… it had to be ripped off from the Rastafarians… give the Bible a try, an honest try.

Peace and Love for my fellow humans,

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  1. Tyson Plessinger says:

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  3. Dave says:

    Not many business can afford to stand up to the religious intolerance displayed on this page so it is always nice to find one that doesn’t bend over for the believers. Thankfully the people at FSM have no qualms about wishing everyone a Happy Holiday. I hope they continue to stand up to the religious bigots who will try and beat us over the head with baby Jesus.

    I posted this at http://www.grinchalert.com/

    I couldn’t find anyway to communicate with the FSM. Praying doesn’t seem to work with her so I posted this here.

    • Danimal says:

      I feel like getting beat over the head with baby Jesus would be a worse time for baby Jesus than it would be for me.

  4. Sad says:

    Dude, i respect your religion and all, but you, my friend enraged me when you said the bible stands firm where others are not. As a muslim, I believe that my book is firm as well.

    • Tyger says:

      Doen’t the word Islam mean ‘peace’? (I agree with you. While not muslim myself, Christians tend to make weird leaps in logic.)

  5. Sauce&Meatballs says:

    Look at this wikipedia article. Your god is indeed a bearded man in the clouds, seated on a flying wheel.

    • Keith says:

      Interesting that: flying wheels were also associated with immortals in Chinese mythology. I wonder if there is a common origin for the two?

      • Aknaib says:

        All religion has common origins.

        EXCEPT his Mightiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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  7. peter says:

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    • Jakob says:

      are you talking abut the owner of the website or the guy that wrote the letter

      • Hazel says:

        Which is the same guy…

  8. Christopher Bertoni says:

    Cool, I finally stumbled on a website about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning and now I get this site. Coincidence alright. keep going on…

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