This site is frustrating

Published April 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This site is frustrating because these “pastafarians” just use this mock religion to bash on everyone else’s beliefs. there are pieces in the Bible that seem absurd… talking animals, reanimated corpses, the ground opening up and swallowing people, etc. but nothing that takes THIS great a leap in logic. God isn’t a “bearded man on a cloud” He’s the creative force in this universe. hell isn’t a place where you can “chill with friends, but boy is it hot in here”… hell is a place reserved for Satan, and the people who he deceives into following him there. don’t take all this as “shoving my religion down your throat” take it as a clarification of some misunderstandings some pastafarians seem to have about Christianity. the obvious point behind this website is to say “hey you believe in God without proof, well we believe in noodles, and since they already exist, that counts as proof”… well basically, it’s not proof people should look for in spirituality… it’s doctrine. pastafarian doctrine is an obvious farce. the Bible has integrity. where all these other “religious books” fall short, the Bible stands firm. you guys couldn’t even come up with an original name… it had to be ripped off from the Rastafarians… give the Bible a try, an honest try.

Peace and Love for my fellow humans,

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  1. Norbert says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your beautiful letter. In fact, we share the same believes. For example, we also do not believe that the FSM has a beard, even though HIS noodely appendages somewhat resemble that.
    The point if this website is to spread the truth and share our feelings among fellow Pastafarians and you are invited to give us Pastafarians an honest try.

    Peace and Love for you, too

  2. Lioss says:

    The Bible has integrity?!Gosh an other believer who doesn’t know his religion history (how amazing).
    You should read The christ fable by Luigi Cascioli,it will explain you how the bible was created.
    And if you don’t want us to bash your belief,just don’t post your threats,insults or anathemas here.
    Have you ever see such a post (by pastafarian) onchristian website?
    Tolerance,peace,love…are not valid only beetween christians.

  3. Green Beard says:

    Your religion is frustrating because these “Christians” just use this mock religion to bash everyone else’s beliefs. There are pieces in the Gospel that seem absurd… invisible noodles, faster than light travel, the climate changing, etc. But nothing that takes THIS great leap in logic. The FSM isn’t a “bunch of noodles flying that really likes pirates”, or maybe he is. Anyway, he is the creative force in this universe. Hell isn’t a place where you can “burn for the rest of eternity, while Satan stands there lauching out loud”… Hell is a place with hairy strippers and stale beer. Don’t take all this as “shoving my religion down your throat” Take it as a clarification of some misunderstandings some christians seem to have about Pastafarism. The obvious point behind your so called Bible (if that’s its real name) is to say “hey if you don’t believe in our god, you will go to hell, is that proof enough for you? no? well, you’re a heathen then so it’s no problem if I torture, rape or kill you because you have a rotten soul” … well, basicly, it’s not proof, people should look for piracy… it’s written. Christian doctrine is obvious face. The Gospel has some integrity, and it has a disclaimer which states that any contradistinction was put there by the FSM to test your faith. Where all these other “religious books” fall short (by saying something untrue without having a dislaimer), the Gospel stands firm: after consuming enough alcohol, it just makes sense. You guys couldn’t even come up with an original name… it has to be ripped off from the lesbians… give the Gospel a try, and honest try.

    Green Beard

  4. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Joe, you indicated that “it’s not proof people look for in spirituality…it’s doctrine.” My dictionary defines religious doctrine as the dogma of a religion. Dogmatic is defined as “asserting views as if they were facts, especially in an arrogant way.” Well, yes, Joe, you did clarify the words “doctrine” and “dogmatic” for us. Your dogmatic approach earns you an A.

    And thanks for reassuring us that Hell is hot and that we will be tortured there for eternity. That’s the way to make converts…good old fashioned fear.

    And yes, I agree that there are “pieces” in the Bible that seem absurd. That’s because they are absurd. There may be hope for you yet; the first step toward dropping out of Christianity is generally the recognition of the absurdity of the dogma.

    Atsap Revol

  5. Dan Moody says:

    Hi Joe,

    If you believe the bible has integrity, spirituality can provide proof and a Satan and hell exist, why is it so hard for you accept the FSM?


  6. Fussilier says:

    Hi Joe
    You make a lot of assertions, God IS this, hell IS that, the Bible IS the other as if they are statements of fact; well they are not facts, they are just what you have been taught to believe.
    The Bible IS a collection of writings by people who lived many many years after the (unproven) event, and which were cobbled together as a compromise to satisfy a variety of differing factions, leaving out many other versions in the process. How accurate is that going to be?
    Our Gospel however was written here and now and everything in it could be verified by scientific scrutiny (we have charts), our Prophet is a living breathing person with whom I have personally communicated, he is indisputably REAL.
    You want us to give the Bible an honest try? Well I’ll make a deal with you, show me one, just one, piece of independently verifiable evidence, proof positive that Jesus ever existed and I will do just that.
    In the meantime consider Pastafarianism, WE don’t kill anybody. Come on in, the sauce is lovely.

    • Simon says:

      Actually, there are some independent evidence that a guy named Jesus existed in Palestine back then. He was one among several other very popular jewish prophets back then. But that he was the son of god, did miracles and all? You got to have a lot of “faith” to actually believe that…


      • Keith says:

        As far as I am aware, the sources cited in the Wikipedia article were all later copies and none of them physically date from the 1st century AD. It’s the same as me reading my Penguin edition of “Le Morte d’Arthur” and claiming that a 20th century edition of a 15th century romance tells me everything I need to know about someone who may or may not have existed: plenty of time for insertions, misinterpretations and imagination. What I am saying is that if there are texts found that talk about the lad himself and can be PHYSICALLY dated (say, from letter/ language style and/ or carbon dating) to the first century then there is some cause for celebration. Otherwise, the case is unproven in my eyes.

  7. Tesvoy says:

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    lol lol lol

  8. Insightful Ape says:

    Our trolls are frustrating. These “christians” are so intolerant…well of course not all of them, but if Carly, Jared, Joe et al any hint, a good many. I find it stunning that someone actually realizes talking animals, reanimated corpses, the ground opening up and swallowing people, etc. “seem” absurd, but then complain about the beer volcano and stripper factory. He claims we misunderstand his religion, whereas it turns out, many of us very likely understand it a lot better than he his…which is why we see through the absurdities and contradictions, and he doesn’t. god is not a bearded man in the sky, rather an itinerant apocalyptic preacher who got nailed to a tree by the local sheriff. Thanks for the clarification, now it makes sense. Not.
    It is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard that
    “should look for in spirituality… it’s doctrine”. Doctrine…eh? You call it doctrine, I call it dogma. And no, I don’t need to go looking for it, you can have it all. I have to say it is pretty cheeky to claim “pastafarian doctrine is an obvious farce” and then immediately “where all these other “religious books” fall short, the Bible stands firm” as if the latter statement isn’t the biggest farce in the world. He complains that we even couldn’t come up with an original name for our religion, while his religion couldn’t come up with an original birth story, resurrection story, date of birth, or date of death for its founder, it had to rip those fables from paganism. And my favorite line, “give the Bible a try, an honest try”. Like all our trolls, assuming we haven’t. While our trolls will never, ever give science and rationality an honest try.
    Oh, thanks for topping it all off with the condescending “Peace and Love for my fellow humans”. What a jackass.

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