Mysterious strangers

Published April 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

noodly orb

Every year about this time, mysterious strangers hang multiple Orange FSM ornaments on our cedar trees.


Very interesting! I had to post all the photos Karen sent.

those are clearly noodly appendages

looks like a meatball

(Unenlightened) scientists would have us believe these noodly orbs are Ceder-Apple rust on Eastern Red Cedars.  You can decide for yourselves.

7 Responses to “Mysterious strangers”

  1. Janebob says:

    Oh my pasta bowl!! I have had DOZENS of these things on my cedars for years now—-even BEFORE I became a Pastafarian!!Imagine…His Noodley Goodness gently prodding ME towards the Way, the Truth and the Marinara! Seriously though, if you see these things in real life they really do look like some sort of alien life form. The orange noodles are sort of squishy. I never knew what they they were though so thanks for the info! Janebob

  2. Feral Boy says:

    Noodly appendages, indeed!

  3. Max says:

    The very incarnation of the FSM! Karen is blessed by his noodly presence.


  4. don says:

    Scientests! What a bunch of mis-guided PERVERTS! If we were to believe science we’d think that “gravity” keeps us on earth, when we know that it’s His Noodly Appendages that hold us down. If the earth is spinning, we’d all be thrown off of it and be flung into space, you can prove this on any playground. Just set a can of beer on one of those spinning things and start spinning it, once you get it spinning fast enough, your beer will go flying off, not drawn to the center. DUH! The spinning earth is trying to fling us and everything into space, thank the FSM that His Appendages are there to keep us firmly planted. Plus the universe is expanding. If there was such a thing as “gravity” (which is only a “theory”) the universe would be contracting. Scientests think that the earth is round, how dumb! Just look out over the ocean (or even Lake Michigan) and you can plainly see that it’s not round. Where do they come up with such rubbish?
    They think that people are animals, double DUH! Animals have 4 legs, people have 2! Thank the FSM that we don’t need their so called science; all we need is our blind faith in the mighty holy tasty FSM!!!!!
    Can I gat a Ramen from the congregation, please?

  5. Tree says:

    Lo. It must be the very heart of the god. I believe.

  6. John says:

    I hope his noodly appendage protects your cedar from cedar-apple rust!!!

  7. Peter Luger Steakhouse says:

    I agree with your points , wonderful post.

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