I don’t know if you realize just how offensive this is

Published April 19th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t know if you realize just how offensive this letter is. Obviously, it’s satirical and some may think “clever,” but mockery is never wise.

I’ve never been able to understand why it is that those who call themselves “atheist,” “agnostic,” or whatever other label they wish can’t see that, in all reality, intelligent design (or rather a relationship with Christ) is the more intelligent route. If we (Christians) are wrong, then who cares? Nothing will happen to us because there is no after life, no higher power, no second death, but at least we lived a life worthy of something. We had something to look forward to, and hey, if it isn’t true then we’ll never know cause we’ll be DEAD. On the other hand, if Christians are right, those self-proclaimed atheists (etc) are pretty much screwed. What did you live for? Advancement of human life? By what? Living for yourself; living according to your own standards. In my opinion, your religion (yes, atheism is a religion) is selfish and irresponsible. The only reason you don’t want to admit that there may just be a higher power is because you don’t want to answer to it. You don’t want to have to change your lifestyle; to live according to HIS standards.

I’m so sorry that you feel this way. I pray for people like you each and every night. I pray that God will hit you over the head with some sense and knock you to your knees.

And FYI: Intelligent design has just as much (if not more) merit as the evolutionary theory. Evolution is a theory: it hasn’t been proven. There may seem to be evidence, but you may be forgetting one minor detail: care to explain how the first cell appeared? Where it all began? Good luck because, unfortunately for you, even if there isn’t “overwhelming evidence” that there is a God, we Christians will have lived a fuller life knowing and believing that we have been saved by the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We are loved far greater than we can comprehend. And guess what, so are you. God loves you, even if you don’t know that yet.


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  1. Peter says:

    As to your question, “care to explain how the first cell appeared?” Check out this awesome clip from Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos.”
    Watch it, it is very interesting.

    • Runiat says:

      Not a bad clip as such, though it doesn’t answer the question enough times that someone religious is likely to be convinced, and also doesn’t it get the order wrong? If cellular membranes had appeared before self-replicating molecules, wouldn’t those self-replicating molecules have been unable to leave the cellular membranes, and as such unable to continue replicating once they ran out of elements on the inside of it?

      I mean the whole “evolution” thing has already been explained, what the hatemail is about is “explain how it all got started” which AFAIK was RNA appearing in the primordial soup to then randomly grow more complicated and eventually figure out how to create cellular membranes.

      • Peter says:

        I’m sure that there are some errors in the video, and that some things were left out of it (it is from the 1980s), and, as I am not an expert on biology or evolution, I’m afraid that I cannot give you an accurate response to your question. And besides, the main reason that I provided a link was to show that it is, in fact, possible for life to develop at random. Also, I agree with your statement that a religious person would probably not be convinced, but, the least we can do is try.

    • tekhedd says:

      Also recommended: “Darwin’s Dangerious Idea” by Daniel Dennett[1], a well-written and interesting survey of evolutionary science.

      In the face of questions like this, you might understand why non-Christians sometimes give the impression that they think Christians are stupid. Christians insist on asking stupid questions like this one, as if their ignorance of the current widely accepted answer somehow adds weight to their arguments.

      The question of the origin of life is the question of which is more likely:

      a) getting very lucky once, somewhere in a very large universe sometime within the last several *billion* years, or
      b) magic

      If you said “b”, congratulations: you’re a creationist.

      1 – http://www.amazon.com/Darwins-Dangerous-Idea-Evolution-Meanings/dp/068482471X

    • Spammyboy says:

      Not really relevant (so this comment is doomed for low-comment rating burial) but it sounded like he said ‘brains in our hands, which gives me funny ideas…

  2. Agus says:

    You said that, if you don’t believe in God and christianity is true, you’ll go to hell and you’re royally screwed, but if you believe and christianity is false then, it doesn’t matter because you’re already dead, but have you thought what would happen if christianity is false and pastafarianism is true? Then you’re screwed, AND you were all your life worshiping the wrong God, what a waste of time if you ask me. So you have two options, you belive and you go straight to hell because all religions tell that you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe in their God and if you don’t give them half of your salary (exept pastafatianism), or you can choose not to believe and nothing will happen.

  3. Agus says:

    Sorry if I wrote something wrong in the other comment

  4. Agus says:

    It seems to be a little contradictory to me that God loves us all, but we will burn in hell forever if we don’t love Him, and why did Christ had to die, I mean couldn’t God forgive us all without killing himself, of his son or, whatever Jesus was. I think He wnated to impress someone. Sorry for so many comments, but I love when people say something contradictory and sorry for bad English

  5. Cameron says:

    The audacity of some Christians always amazes me. I am a very spiritual person, granted i’m pagan, but this is a fantastic sight. its hilarious. My spiritual views are this:
    Any form of religion should be focused on bettering the self, and helping those around you. This doesn’t mean shoving bibles or Qur’an’s down their throats. If you would like to believe that those who don’t believe in your god are going to hell, than thats fine with me. Hel is actually a norse Goddess, and when I tell her all about what you’ve all done up here— she’ll probably have a good laugh. To say that someone else’s form of religion is false is completely ignorant. And on creation, I personally feel that evolution could be the greatest expression of divinity. For me it proves the creativity and diversity of my Goddess, and for you it can be a pure expression of the intelligence of God. Is it really so bad to be apart of the fantastic event that is life? Our very existence is divine, the fact that we live and are so complicated amazing. None of us are sure what happens on the other end, but wither i’m reincarnated or i just die— i’m completely pleased to be with my Goddess in the earth or in a heaven.
    Think about the divine expression of love before you talk or type.

    Please think

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      No, it’s not bad to be a part (not apart!) of life. But that doesn’t mean I have to attribute it to some Supreme Being.

      • Hybrid says:

        I liked the Norse religion part. I completelly missed that connection

  6. JustDucky says:

    “We are starstuff. We are the universe made manifest trying to figure itself out”. – Delenn, Minbari ambassador to Babylon 5

  7. Rina says:

    So… we should believe in God just so we have a safety net for any possible afterlife.

    Awesome basis for faith rite thar…

  8. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Seeing as how your god either
    1) doesn’t exist,
    2) doesn’t ascribe to Christianity,
    3) or has done a piss-poor job of relaying your message
    (I’m still available as a press agent for the right price, Jeebus!),
    how can you condemn someone for not believing in the ridiculous tenets of your faith?

    What of the Muslim who:
    1) has had the Quran drilled into his brain since he was a child
    2) doesn’t get access to the Christian liturgy
    3) would be executed if he tried to convert??

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