I don’t know if you realize just how offensive this is

Published April 19th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t know if you realize just how offensive this letter is. Obviously, it’s satirical and some may think “clever,” but mockery is never wise.

I’ve never been able to understand why it is that those who call themselves “atheist,” “agnostic,” or whatever other label they wish can’t see that, in all reality, intelligent design (or rather a relationship with Christ) is the more intelligent route. If we (Christians) are wrong, then who cares? Nothing will happen to us because there is no after life, no higher power, no second death, but at least we lived a life worthy of something. We had something to look forward to, and hey, if it isn’t true then we’ll never know cause we’ll be DEAD. On the other hand, if Christians are right, those self-proclaimed atheists (etc) are pretty much screwed. What did you live for? Advancement of human life? By what? Living for yourself; living according to your own standards. In my opinion, your religion (yes, atheism is a religion) is selfish and irresponsible. The only reason you don’t want to admit that there may just be a higher power is because you don’t want to answer to it. You don’t want to have to change your lifestyle; to live according to HIS standards.

I’m so sorry that you feel this way. I pray for people like you each and every night. I pray that God will hit you over the head with some sense and knock you to your knees.

And FYI: Intelligent design has just as much (if not more) merit as the evolutionary theory. Evolution is a theory: it hasn’t been proven. There may seem to be evidence, but you may be forgetting one minor detail: care to explain how the first cell appeared? Where it all began? Good luck because, unfortunately for you, even if there isn’t “overwhelming evidence” that there is a God, we Christians will have lived a fuller life knowing and believing that we have been saved by the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We are loved far greater than we can comprehend. And guess what, so are you. God loves you, even if you don’t know that yet.


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  1. HeyZeus Ravoli says:

    And we don’t know if you know how offensive being an intolerant ANTISPAGGETIC is!

    God (FSM) loves you too Carley. But when you die and are frying and being raped and dismembered by the fiery demons of YOUR hell…

    FSM will still love you.

    Your god on the other hand, well I’m pretty sure someone who loves you wouldn’t want to burn, rape and dismember you for all of eternity…

  2. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Translations: “I pray for people like you” = “You’re going to hell”
    “We Christians will have lived a fuller life knowing and believing ….” = “We love to feel superior, even if there is no basis for it!”

  3. The holy prophet Thomas says:

    YEA, you are misguided! We are followers of the holy FSM! Not pig-ninja atheism! And, lest you live your life cowering in fear of a bearded man in the clouds, who forces you to defy the natural course of science, murder those who oppose you and force others to your way, are you not more evil than pig-ninja atheists? And, yea, what about kind atheists, who charitable things, not out of fear for their soul, but to generally help others? Do you not think that they are on a higher moral ground? Think before placing your words! Lest you be sent to the unconfortableness of hell, where ye shall experience STDs among other irritating things!

  4. Olivia says:

    I hope that people understand that atheists don’t just “live for themselves” as this person put it. We choose to not side with any certain religion because we’re trying to understand who and what God is on our own, instead of what other people say. Maybe Christianity or Hindu or any other religion is correct. But let me figure that out on my own. I want a relationship with God, if there is one, and a bond formed on my own.

    And it’s not always the easiest, being somewhat more unsure than others. My cat just passed away from kidney failure, and in all honesty it really hurts not knowing if he’s passed on to a better place. I like to think he has though.

    Please don’t judge Atheists, Agnostics, etc. We may not believe in everything you do, but we (hopefully) want the same thing – acceptance and love among our fellow brothers, despite religious “boundaries”.

    • B. says:

      I agree with most of this, except your inclusion of all atheists in “… we’re trying to understand who and what God is on our own…”. Personally, I’m certain there is no God. If there came proof of a supernatural being I would be the first to admit I was wrong, but I want no relationship with a fictional character in a really horrible children’s book. As I’ve said before, “we” is a dangerous thing to say when it means including a heck of a lot of people at once.

      Other than that, yay and all that.

      • Olivia says:

        Sorry, I meant to add agnostics – I’m an agnostic myself, not an atheist. But I understand what you’re saying, and I apologize if I seemed too over-generalizing! No harm intended. :)

  5. Noodlity says:

    I think that the notions of “faith” and “belief” are allowed to get much greater mileage than they should. As if a god’s very existence is reason enough for them to deserve reverence and respect. No – it is not “faith” that is the matter, but *worship*. Not “religious beliefs” , but *religious practices* – the actual investment of physical and mental resources.

    So, what does that really mean? Simple – even if there are nigh-immortal beings with preternatural powers, that alone would not make them “gods” . It is human worship that grants them such a title, and nothing else. Even mortal humans have been deified in the past… especially that one dude around 2000 years ago.

    Contrarywise, nowadays such creatures are likely to be met with curiousity, and maybe respect, should they earn it. But not reverence or worship.

    Even if Mr. “the way, the truth, and the life” himself were to appear now, in full glory, he’d be lucky not to get bombed into submission right away. Sure, we’ll gladly admit he’s real… until a couple of H-bomb hits ensure the contrary, that is.

    And then he’ll be dead. As, in fact, he has been for some time now. Not because he didn’t exist. But because his existence was never the point.


  6. wow.... says:

    sorry if i lack the ignorance to percieve how its “intelligent” to waste hour upon hour of our life living in fear of something that doesn’t exist, instead of finding real answers, and by the way, there are many valid theorys on the creation of the first cell, if you had half a brain you would look it up before wrote. also if gods so “merciful” than couldn’t he have NOT killed his son and just granted us into heaven? if i killed my only son to pay for someones sins, itd be murder, just saying.

    also, who are you to call us selfish, miss i-dont-care-if-i-dont-do-anything-good-for-the-world-as-long-as-i-dont-burn-in-a-hell-that-i-admitted-might-not-exist? how about be unselfish and for every time you were going to pray, study medicine and safe people here on earth, instead of thinking about yourself first like you acuse us of doing. there are planty of selfLESS non chrsitians out there that your just to thick headed to think about.

    lastly, irresponsible, haven’t you heard of all the christians who decided to not bring their children to hospitals or doctors because “they will heal if it is in gods will”? please explain to me how that is responsible, honestly, and what about the perfectly responsible nonchrsitian SCIENTIST. if scientists were religious, there would be no cures, and if they were irresponsible, the cures would have been lost. like penicillin, it exists because someone thought god wasn’t going to heal people, so he healed them on his own, and he was responsible to distribute it and not, for example, lose it.


  7. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    “intelligent design (or rather a relationship with Christ) is the more intelligent route.”

    Really? Ignore all observable facts and just chant until you hear voices in your head?
    Throwing up your hands and saying “instead of actually trying to understand science,
    I’ll just believe some ambiguous, contradictory and impossible fables!” is the intelligent route?

  8. Liu says:

    it doesnt matter if your religious or not, you can still live your life to the fullest and have a meaning to it. All that matters is not what you believe in but what you do in your life. Life worth really can even be simply making something like this website. We cant judge people just because of them creating this site, but trully we dont know what they are trully like in their lives. The could be the kindest people you could ever meet. Everyone has their own oppinion in what they believe in, but it doesnt affect they purpose in life. I myself cant say i believe in God. He might exist he might not, its not for me to decide, but all i know im living a wonderfull life. I see good in all the people, i help others, im open minded. I dont like dudging people and even though god might not be present in my life right now i still believe in spirituality and if there is god i dont want to believe in him simply to go to heaven and have a great after life, i would want to believe in him smiply to understand myself. So for all of you religious people, believe in what you and let it better you drive you to understand and get close to others and all of those who are not religious, there is nothing wrong with you. You are all great people no matter what your believes are.

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