Finland sky sighting

Published April 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I’ve attached a couple of photos I took on the 25th of February here in Tampere, Finland. I also submitted these photos to a local newspaper, which turned the whole thing as somewhat of a small phenomenom with numerous other people commenting that they saw the same thing. Some people even sent the paper additional photos. Here‘s the link to the news story.

Most of the people speculating the article were certain that the formation in the wintery sky was either chemtrail from fighterjets or an angel (yeah right). Only a couple commenters we’re able to point out that this is clearly FSM. Or Cthulhu.

Janne Lahtinen

13 Responses to “Finland sky sighting”

  1. eric says:

    this is nothing but a god damn hoax!!! its the same damn photoshooped picture or cloud super imposed onto multiple pictures!!!

  2. bruceo says:

    “eric”–The Photoshoop Expert

  3. Spaghettify says:

    It looks to be Cthulhu to me, but I believe His Savoriness and Cthulhu are great friends.

  4. humorous cake toppers says:

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  5. Neith says:

    It actually looks like Horus to me.

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