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Just a word of thanks to pastafarians who have contributed comments on the various hate mailers. All of these are helping enlighten me and, frankly, reverse the brainwashing that I still suffer (only very slightly — and diminishing every day) as someone raised in a catholic home. These comments are so clear, focused and logical that the religious case withers. I sincerely appreciate the time you’ve spent to take apart their hate mails piece-by-piece. Not that you are being altruistic; religion inspires such lapses of reason and simple logic in people (not to mention fomenting sheer venom) that the hate mails are quite enjoyable to behold and presumably to take apart. 


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  2. EricB says:

    I am a recovering protestant who had lost his way in atheism and i now have seen the light.

    I have always loved pasta and i have loved beer since they would let me drink it. One of my failed careers was as an actor and both of my paying roles whereas pirates. Have a pirate suit that i made myself to take my girls out on Halloween. It’s a nice one too with a real leather hat and boots (I made myself) and a frock coat made out of upholstery fabric. I wear my kilt with it too and get the most looks and sometimes ladies try and reach under m… sorry I got distracted. I love to talk like a pirate, but i do it under my breath so no one else could hear. And, i make the best meatballs with three meats and actual stale breadcrumbs, fresh spices and just a little romano cheese. I sear them in a hot pan and then bake them in the oven. They are to die for.

    I see now that my life has been building to this moment. I knew of FSM before and have even claimed to be

    “The voice of the Flying Spaghetti Monster come to raise hell of Christian Hypocrisy”

    while trolling Christians online. I thought then that FSM was just a joke to tease theists with.

    I confess that the Flying Spaghetti monster is real (as anything else we have a word for). I now devote my life to drinking beer (with scotch) and eating pasta; especially with a carbonara sauce (even god tastes better with ham.) I here and now devote my life to FSM and renounce all other religions (and denounce them too, given the chance.)

    My parents have been telling, me all my life, that god had a plan for me. I had hoped that it was to be rich and unconcerned with the plight of others, but that wasn’t it. I thought it was to be a Christian preacher but that book the sillier than batshit on a wingnut.

    Now I see that the plan was for me to get drunk while eating bacony noodles and tossing my kilt in the air like David Hasselhoff at a theater premier. Sound good, I’m in.

    If i can still reeducate chistians, while pontificating in a professionally trained pirate voice professing to be a pasta prophet.

  3. Matt says:

    Likewise, i was brought up in a catholic home but many factors including my liking of rational thought and heavy metal caused me to think twice. The time that pushed me over the converting edge was about a week ago when I was walking down the local high street sporting black jeans and an Iron Maiden T-shirt. I had just come out of HMV (a music shop for those who don’t know) when I was approached by a catholic preacher. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have worried me but as soon as he saw a picture of the devil on my shirt he flipped. Shouting through a megaphone he said all sorts of nonsense like how I’m going to burn in he’ll and how God might choose to save my soul ect ect. At this point I calmly explained to the guy that I was indeed catholic but this outburst had made me loose all faith in humanity and that I was going to join the FSM because it was just the best religion ever as it involved beer, strippers and pirates!


    • Captain Darkblade says:

      RAmen and welcome aboard!

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