You poke fun at God

Published March 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

You poke fun at God and are a disgrace to him and religion. You need to repent and ask for his forgiveness. You should be ashamed of the trash you write and your completely unfunny cartoons. What you call religion, looks like something for four and five year olds. God has reserved a special place for people like you and it is in a very warm climate, and you will be on vacation for eternity. You will have allot of company with you and that is your so called fans. May God have mercy on all of your souls !

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  1. morgan says:

    what a retard this woman is, im glad she lives far away from me.
    how offensive isnt it to threaten people with hell.
    i hope you die a painful death.

  2. Cavatelli says:

    When is this eternal vacation in a warm climate supposed to begin? It’s cold, raining and I had to scrape ice off my truck twice this week, I really could use a rest in a nice warm climate.

  3. Pasta is Truth says:

    In a very warm climate? Are going to Florida or Hell because either way it is damnation for our sins.

  4. zorro says:

    did u know only mormans get into heaven??? :D

    • Atsap Revol says:

      No, Zorro, I think that mormuns annd normens have an equal chance. If only those that know how to spell are admitted, you will spend eternity in hell.

      RAmen (RAmon, RAmun, RAmyn ???)

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Don’t you mean marmots? Figures they’d weasel themselves into the good life.

      • Spammyboy says:

        You know what they say about marmots… “love them or hate them!”. I have killed it.

  5. Rachel says:

    Screw life. Life sucks. Hell is probably much better. Screw what everyone else think. I’m gonna do whatever I want to do. I do and don’t look forward to decomposing. I wanna die after 80. I don’t want to go to heaven. There.

  6. arthur says:

    You guys are so wise in your own eyes you fail to see the many errors you are making your presumptions from.
    Where have i claimed anything i said was authoritive? Do you deny the right of opinion here or do you hold one standard for yourself and another to all others who disagree with you?
    Each of you speaks in absolutes like you are the final authority, and the very fair minded of all men.
    Im only quoting Jesus or the bible as that is the topic, not because its proven.
    As to the reliabilty of the bible and historic persons and events in it, you must be ignorant to not know that it is considered the most reliable historic writing from its time. Yes there are some apparant contradictions and some have muddied it by mistranslation, but on the whole it has by far less of this than all other historic writings, and the main themes and teachings remain unaltered.
    As to Jesus` clear claims to be God, He said “if youve seen me you have seen God”, He also allowed others to worship Him as God, and the Pharisee`s had Him crucified because He said He was God and would have let Him go if He would deny it.
    As for God being responsible for all the wrong that goes on, thats no more intelligent than saying rugby is responsible for every foul play that its players make.
    You guys are using dishonest arguements, based on false imformation. I am not offended by anything you say, im slightly amused if anything. Being an admant athiest for 28 yrs your not telling me anything new.

    • Ereshkigal says:

      you have made a nice point here, indeed for it´s time the bible was “reliable”, but you forget that the old testament is a copy of the old babylonian myths, that´s why of it´s credibility, you can found the story of Lucifer being casted out of heaven in the Enuma Elish, and that was writting thousands of years before any judaism or christianity, the story of Noe is the same of Uta-Napishtim, your hell is a copy of the greek Hades, your then commandments are a copy of the Hammurabi Code, is the same, just distorted in order to be “different”, personally, I have nothing against you or your “faith”, just the fact that you denied the truth in order to keep your illusions in order, if you want to name your god, then give him his true name: Marduk, and admit that Enlil, Ea, Isthar, Ereshkigal, and the other gods also exist.

      also, the sole fact that you insist that your god is the true god without more proof in a book, and a book copied from others is the thing that bothers me, why is your god the final one?, if you say this in arabia you will be killed in sight, and they will claim that their god is the true one, who was the reason?, no one, another example, if you look the teachings of Jesus with cold mind, then you will see that he is referring Budhism, heaven and hell?, is just Nirvana and Sansara, look to your sentence: “if you´ve seen me you have seen god”, this sentence have a strong Budhist concept, for Budha there are no god, just Nirvana, and Nirvana is god, in other words, every man can be god, reaching Nirvana, and Nirvana is the knowledge of everything, the river of life, Jesus was talking of “you have seen god” because he is mortal, but in Nirvana he is god, and every man is Budha, no matter his position and development, we all are Brahma.

      I don´t believe in Budhism (but I respect it, because they don´t try to convert anyone and their sentences many times ask for reason and peace), but I attack the fact that you made of such big words, a mockery of a true concept of life.

      no, you are absolutely right, god is not guilty of anything, because he does not exist, man is responsible of man, that is the concept of moral and social development.

      yeah, sometimes arguments seems confusing, but please, understand that we are trying to show you the low fundament of your concepts, I actually reprehend some fanatic in other thread, and he does not try even to debate the arguments, because he does not have any fundament, the only thing his mind can come up, is trying to correct my gramatic, (don´t feel bad for me, that guy is very funny, I really like him, is like having the F7 function installed in the forum), understand that I also have faith, but I will define my faith:
      “I believe that there are too much things that we don´t know out there, and that we can understand them with reason”
      I can accept that faith.

      please I don´t deal in absolutes, if you can prove that babylonians know that cristianity will emerge and then decieve all mankind creating their stuff, that the skeleton found in egypt was not the son of Ramses and he does not show any signs of being drowned but killed in war, that all your demons are not older gods of babylonia, and that tibetan monks are lying when saying that Jesus actually studied with them 2000 years before and he understand the word of Budha, please go ahead, but please keep in mind this:

      1 don´t use bible, we already know that it´s a copy of other traditions
      2 don´t use words like god, satan, hell, because those words have other terminology, and mention other gods of other cultures
      3 don´t claim to understand Jesus if you don´t even bother to read Budha
      4 don´t feel offended, we are not insulting you in any way
      5 please be open mind, and don´t result in attacking gramatic like my F7 function in the other thread, I already have him, I don´t need other F7
      6 don´t use your feelings, I am mentioning history, not my feelings

      if you respect that, I am sure that we will have a very interesting conversation


      • Liu says:

        I agree, people should be open minded. And instead of attacking what others believe concentrate on what you believe in and let it better you.

    • Atsap Revol says:


      Dishonest arguments? False information? Some rugby game! You need to read the OT. God himself destroyed people in a nasty serial-killer manner. For an atheist you are more than a little confused. The Bible is not the accurate historical record that you imply it is. You are welcome to your opinion no matter how incorrect it is.


    • gordon_uk says:

      “thats no more intelligent than saying rugby is responsible for every foul play that its players make” – not really as it’s quality of the rules and referee along with the other match officials that affect the opportunity for foul play. God apparently made the rules and is the referee (so to speak) so any wrong doing which is allowed to go on unchecked while he is affiancing is his responsibility.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      “it is considered the most reliable historic writing from its time”
      By whom? The guys who make a living trying to explain that unfathomable conglomeration of fables to the gullible on Sundays? Name a historian or an archeologist, please.

    • Liu says:

      We all have to understand that all historical writings were made by people just like us, meaning things could’ve been taken out, added and edited so therefore instead on focusing the hard facts and non facts, we should just concentrate what our heart tells us. We are living our life and religion is a way for us to find who we truly are. Its just something we believe in, but no matter how hard we try to prove which religion is true, its impossible to prove anything. So it doesnt matter whether bible is fact or not, whos right or wrong. You get one life so live to enjoy it and dont deny what other people say because who knows maybe were all wrong but one thing that true is that we have to live our life in happiness, find ourselves and love others. If we fight with others because of religion, than whats good in it?

      • Danimal says:

        I’m afraid you can’t see the forest for the trees here. The church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was born as an effort to keep religion out of the science class room. This may seem like small potatoes to you or something not worth fighting over but consider this: religion slows scientific progress, scientific progress has the potential to improve quality of life, therefore letting religion run unchecked causes quality of life to stagnate and or even regress. I have joined with the pastafarian community because I want to take a stand against religion because I think religion has a negative net effect on the world.
        P.S. I’m now hunkering down to prepare for the backlash from this comment. If you are tempted to shout at me please read carefully and notice that I tried to stay away from absolutes and qualify my claims to keep them realistic.

        • Liu says:

          No its ok, i agree with you. Everyone has a right to do what they want whether it might seem bad to others. So good luck which what you are trying to achieve. I just think that people who are against this website should just consider the fact that instead of attacking it they should just realize that its simply not for them and move on.

        • Liu says:

          Btw i didnt know that was the reason this church was formed, so i dont think that its not worth fighting for. Everyone has a right to fight for what they believe.

    • Rose Fsm believer and follower if the Order says:

      Your precious Jesus has already been disproven.

      His whole life’s story was stolen from Egypt. Christmas and Easter, his holidays? PAGAN. they were stolen by morons like you.

      Besides, YOU’RE the one who tried to shove your belief down our throat without even researching the site.
      It’s people like YOU that create atheists.

  7. Leeanne Filippini says:
  8. Liu says:

    People take things too seriously. I love this website. Everyone should enjoy something in life and it doesn’t really matter what it is but as long as they do, that’s all that matters. I don’t think this website is offensive and I think everyone has a right to express themselves in a way they want to. Everyone should just relax and concentrate on leaving a positive feedback to something rather than a negative. I’m not as much as a religious person, I don’t dedicate myself to a specific religion, I believe in little parts of different religions and except other peoples opppinion and I think people should stop complaining that others insulting their religion, and just enjoy this website for what it is.

    • Luis says:

      Hey Liu, clearly you are not offended, but you surely understand that religion is a VERY serious thing for many people. I like the fun and adore a good prank, there is even a name for this type of work, “slashfic” or fiction that its very evident a joke or untrue, used many times to make a point. Still if people is offended the author needs to take the tomatoes thrown at him with pride, slashfic-pride.

      • Liu says:

        Yes, but people should stop getting offended by everything. Religion is a way for you to find yourself but if you let others offend you then whats the point in life and religion. People should concentrate on positive things, and plus your only offended when you choose to. You always have a choice and things turn out to be negative only when you choose for it to.

        • Luis says:

          Hi Liu, I agree with you we get offended way too easily at everything.

      • Allison says:

        Of course the author will take the tomatoes thrown at him with pride! How else do you think he gets that sauce?

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