You poke fun at God

Published March 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

You poke fun at God and are a disgrace to him and religion. You need to repent and ask for his forgiveness. You should be ashamed of the trash you write and your completely unfunny cartoons. What you call religion, looks like something for four and five year olds. God has reserved a special place for people like you and it is in a very warm climate, and you will be on vacation for eternity. You will have allot of company with you and that is your so called fans. May God have mercy on all of your souls !

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  1. Smesne says:

    Dear Annie,
    So sorry your beliefs make such a violent person of your self. You probably never realized how violent christianity is….in fact…christianity is, by far, the most violent religion on earth. Every digression, Every questionning as to be punished hard. It must be tough to just survive a day with that sord over your head all the time.
    I wish i can help steer you a bit with this little joke as a guide : A guy looks this other guy in the eyes and say…..youre fat bimbo !….. and the other guy to respond. ….I may be fat but youre ugly….and i can diet.

    Please Annie….be fat.

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