Talented Child

Published March 10th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I only stumbled across your site a few weeks ago, but am pleased to report that my daughter, Ember, who is 18 months old, appears to have found His Noodliness on her own. She recently brought her first drawing home from daycare, and who should feature right in the centre but FSM Himself!

I shall of course encourage her continued faith and bring her up as a good, decent, Pastafarian.


Pastafarian in Training

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  1. abutichon says:

    As all kids go through that stage of drawing, you might want to draw theological conclusions. It appears His Noodliness always is there right at the beginning of cognitive development. or so?

  2. Wren says:

    @Wow – I always ask people who use the term ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner, if they are doing so because they are afraid to admit what they really are. I think I’ll have to ask you the same question in relation to your use of the word ‘retarded’.

    Actually I think you are just jealous because you have not been touched by his noodly appendage.

    May the sauce be upon you.


  3. bleublablabal says:

    FSM is not kids stuff.
    Our blue ball earth is exploding under the pressure of power misuse and our noodly excrements such as CO2. Fortunely the Flying Spaghetti monster has a spare blue ball in us pastafarians/blue ball pirates.

    Unfortunately our earth has no spare that we can be certain of.

    We can lay claim on terms such as heaven or beer volcano with strippers but that has no practical value except to alienate us from religious but otherwise good healthy normal people.

    We all want a good life on a healthy planet. At least those of us who are non-suicidal.

    Teaching world religions as philosophy seems like a good way to make it clear that it’s not practical science. You can make a living with piracy, but that is not the pastafarian way.

    hasta la pasta baby

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