Swedish students

Published March 24th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

We are a group of swedish student, who a while ago cleaned out a pretty messy kitchen- all of a sudden we saw a pretty familiar form appearing on the kitchen floor.

Everyone what strung by a bit of panic and excitement, but we wasn’t sure if we really saw what we thought.

But then it happenend, his divine and holy noodliness showed us his face …

… and never again will a doubt cross our minds that the pastafarian way is the right way.

The East Region Pastafarais of Gothenburg

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  1. Mr Cooper (All hail FSM) says:


    hes not made from pasta, pasta’s made from him
    we do have a book, please buy one from amozon
    no we do not make it up its all inside the good (pirate) book

  2. steak in new york says:

    I agree with your points , wonderful post.

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