splitting logs

Published March 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I was splitting logs for the fireplace this Sunday morning, and the FSM appeared to me in the bark of the tree. I am truly blessed!

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  1. Yann says:

    Oh Dan, blessed one!

    It seemes that he sent his only spaghetti triplets to tell you and us that we shall survive this gruesome wintertime. HE Shall Be Praised!


  2. Tristan says:

    Ignorant people may say that ants or worms have did this.
    Yet we all know this tree had been toughed by His Noodleness! That will be one Holy Fire!

  3. StJason says:

    Snarky answer #1: Sell it on Ebay!
    Snarky answer #2: P’huh. Yeah, right. As if the OMNIPOTENT CREATOR OF EVERYTHING doesn’t have the budget to split the sky open and appear in a glorious chorus of Pirates, instead you would have Him hiding under bark to make something that looks only vaguely like Him (and then, only if you squint your eyes). I mean, how petty do you want to get? What’s next, Him appearing on a piece of toast? A grilled cheese sandwich? AS A BOWL OF NOODLES?!?

  4. Danimal says:

    I have seen this myself when removing dead/damaged trees on my father’s farm. I had always thought it was from damaging insects that had laid eggs in a cluster under the bark and then the grubs hatch and eat away at the tree in all different directions. However, thanks to Bobby and Dan (obviously by his name a wise pastafarian) I have seen the error of my ways. All these years the FSM was giving me his blessing for responsible forestry practices. Thanks to you both, may peace be upon you and all pastafarians.

    The Danimal

  5. Theo says:

    I only thought this happened on the inside of Canaloni, blessed by thy trunk.

  6. Bnautic says:

    Well, there it is! Proof of the Almighty Noodle Himself.


    B. Nautic (a newly enlightened Pastafarian brother)

  7. jwasfhawejfioaef says:

    what the fuck

  8. Jose Herrera says:

    Hey man. I am Jose from Venezuela. I think is cool what u are doing. Is a great way of making maney and making people happy. Life is all about enjoyng it anyways. If is there a God, an alien, a scientist looking at us thrue a microscope, wherever it is; i think it would be happy that his(her) experiment is able to make fun of him(her). If it was more people like u, wanted to find an answed, and less people going to war for money, this planet could it be a better place and maybe we get aprove by God/alien/scientist/?. Glad to meet U; Jose

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