Pirate coffee

Published March 12th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

While enjoying coffee, I noticed that I had been touched by his noodliness.
Tyler – Spokane, WA

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  1. Keith says:

    *2 : Trawler, looks as if you have hit rock bottom.

  2. sky lukewarmer says:

    something fishy?

  3. Mike M says:

    Nice. You should try to sell it on eBay. The Pope-Tart fetched something like $40.

  4. Benjamin Ady says:

    That is one extremely gnarly cup of coffee. I’m from Seattle, but recently moved to Melbourne, and miss home a bit, so when I saw “Spokane, WA” I felt some nostalgia. Thanks for taking the time to shoot the photo and share it. =)

  5. Siobhan McGrath (don't try to pronounce) says:

    You are truly blessed. It’s either that or the great FSM got us all drunk to see it.

  6. Diana P. says:

    this is extraordinary. almost as extraordinary of looking back at my childhood drawings and seeing His image in nearly every picture i have. i hope you did perserve this.

  7. Iam1 says:

    Hello there my ex-colleges:

    I think some one slipped a little too much zyprexa in my coffee. Because I feel sluggish and tired. I seem to be banned from favorite forum because I spoke too much F and S words. I might have even used the grizzly N word although I think I saved that one for my fellow Dutch mensa members. I was forcing. (Not sure if it was a light, dark, good or bad use of the force.)

    The admins called me weird. I don’t understand, they cannot/won’t explain. I’d like to be excused for my FS abuse of your Monster on your forum. My intentation was not to take on the role of the FSM, just create a more objective point of view. Your FSM religion is too realistic for a parody. The only thing wrong with it is the name Flying Spaghetti. Your religion seems to be not about Flying or Spaghetti or Monsters. I was clarifying.

    For me FSMming is about stopping the FS insane techno power abuse that’s killing our planet/us/me/I/others/animals/plants. I was FSMming.

    It is also about fornicating with and shitting on the God you think others worship as you do the flying spaghetti monster. I don’t like that part. However, I decided to ignore the fact that spaghetti and even spaghetti with balls can’t fly, can’t eat, can’t fornicate and therefore probably does not exist as we pirates think it does. I take the FSM religion I accept as reasonable and good. A good frag and dump are also reasonable and good. Being banned from your favorite forum and locked away from the happy island that is your discussion forum Iam accepting.

    Isolation against your will without discussion is NOT REASONABLE. But my agression against that has subsided by banging my feet and fists on the wall until I was tired enough to sleep and than continuing when I woke up and repeated until the old farts that call themselves psychiatrists saw the light: I wasn’t dangerous just angry. Sorry if I misdirected some of my anger by speaking to you so rudely. I was misdirecting.

    Snapshots/paintings prove it. The one God is everywhere no matter if you call him bhudda, jesus, jaweh, Allah, FSM, universe, everything, nothing. I believe there is a plan and free will, but without precogs nobody can reveal it although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve Higgses God particles. I’m pretty sure I’ll be surprosed. I’ll be sir/ sun Uprising for a while from here.

    Me speaky like ye now.

    Love yer funky freaky selves forking spaghetti,

    Ninja pirate

    love Iamtoo

    Thanks for the coffee,


  8. Resistors Diode says:

    That looks like an image of a fish.

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