noodle drawings

Published March 2nd, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I just discovered your website and I think it’s great – I did some drawings three years ago I guess you’d like to see.

-Henry Jarlow

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  1. pastatsap says:

    love me doodles

  2. Pastafarian Missionary Allison says:

    John and George would be proud, and if Paul and Ringo saw this they would be too.

  3. Boog says:

    <__>…..^_^ first post, oh and i can see that you have been touched by his noodly appendages, being able to draw so well

  4. Sean Boyd says:

    What next? I Am The Noodle? Norwegian Noodle? Can’t Buy Me Noodles?

    Clearly, Henry, you were touched by His Noodly Appendage long, long ago. RAmen to you.

  5. Turvin says:

    I would just like to say that you are freaking retarded. I want to eat the god the you worship with garlic bread, and enjoy engorging myself in his oh so noodley appendage. His sauce flowing through the meatballs that i Slurp. I hate people who try to bash on other peoples religions and have no proof of jack fucking shit with theirs. Have fun rotting in hell with your flying spaghetti monster god. Enjoy god punching you right in your saucey face.
    *Brianna Turvin*

  6. Glen from Australia says:

    Way to go Brianna – missed the point entirely. Check your spelling and gramma. Have a nice life.

  7. Freaking Retarded says:

    “… and have no proof of jack f**ing s**t with theirs.”

    Priceless. Well done.

  8. StJason says:

    Hey, “Brianna”? I eat YOUR god routinely, usually rolled into a cone and with a dollop of Chocolate Ripple on top.

    Knowing how much you hate people who bash other religions (by which, I know you actually mean “My Religion, the only True one”) I PURPOSELY brought you here and FORCED you to look. I also hid the Open Letter link cleverly at the very top of the first page, where you would never find it. I agree that people who believe in things with no proof are stupid, which is why the CotFSM website is full of proof and scientific endorsements. Thank the Almighty Alfredo that such is the truth, or He only knows what silly things we might make up?

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