New Zealand fossil record

Published March 22nd, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I would like to send you the above photograph as incontrovertible evidence of the existence of his Noodliness as recorded in the fossil record here in New Zealand.

Unbelievers may question how such a fossil can exist since a deity (by conventional theological “wisdom”) says that a deity has no physical form. The answer of course is clear: ask any New Zealander and they will tell you that our land is “God’s own country”. It is clear that this statement harks back to a time long ago when his Noodliness (or people created in his own image) once roamed these blessed shores.

Should other Pastafarians wish to visit this shrine to see the Deity for themselves He/it may be found at the south end of Takapuna beach in the rocks exposed at low tide. Regrettably I have not yet seen tears of blood flowing from this fossil but then as you can see His Noodliness’ eyes are not exposed to view, only his Noodly Appendages …however I am sure it does happen !



Good find. I lived in New Zealand for a year. Nice place.

15 Responses to “New Zealand fossil record”

  1. James says:

    i seriously believe this could be real

  2. -b says:

    this is a clay model that some stupid person made thinkin that it will out smart everyone who saw but i have news for you this is totally BOGUS so go suck on a fat noodle and shove it up your *** you ****** ****** good day

  3. datheism says:


    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism…



    atheists deny their own life element…

    add some comment moderation to your blog of blasphemy…idiot…

  4. Mike says:

    It looks to me as if he is holding a skull ( the emblem of his pirate
    disciples ) in one of his noodly appendages. All praise to him from
    whom our pasta comes.



  5. adsf says:

    this is so hilarious… go run off and cry to your magic, NON-EXISTENT spaghetti. HIS NOODLNESS IS A DISGRACE!!!

  6. billy bob says:

    What planet are you from?! You are a useless waste of space and the world would be a better place without you. Go and touch your own noodly appendage as you have done for all your miserable existence as no one else can see it. How can you possibly believe that this figment of your imagination created the world, and what are those pirates about?

  7. Keith says:

    Not surprising that the creator of mountains would appear in a country famous for them. Regarding the “tears of blood” I would suggest that other Fortean events may be taking place which are less noticeable: for example the constant drinking of huge volumes of seawater. If a statue of Genesha can drink milk I would say that a manifestation of his Noodlieness is quite capable of handling seawater. Did you taste the seawater? It may be turning into beer before your very eyes!

  8. Wren says:

    @ b, datheism, adsf & billy bob (although I suspect you are the same person),

    Before you come and post stupid comments READ THE OPEN LETTER AND THE ABOUT TAB. Jebus H Bartholomew Christy, can nobody read/comprehend/follow directions any more?

    P.S. New Zealand is indeed a nice place, I live here myself. And next time I make the pilgramage northwards and cross the mighty bombays, I may have to venture across the almight harbour bridge for a peek at His Noodlinesses shrine (after consulting His Almighty tide tables to ensure I get there at the right time of course.


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