He’s in our blood

Published March 15th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This is a hemoglobin structure; it is what carries oxygen in blood. It very closely resembles His Noodliness, which proves that His Noodliness is in us all, supplying our cells with oxygen and divinity.


13 Responses to “He’s in our blood”

  1. Purpleraven says:

    He is all powerful and dwells in our DNA. he is dna, with little spagghetti’s being the rung’s of the double helix.

    Have YOU been touched by his noodelly appendage?

  2. Feki says:

    Ooooh, now I finally understand why blood uncannily resembles tomato sauce!!!!!! It makes perfect sense.

    So glad there are scientists with such great meatballs always ready to speak out the truth.

    Blessed be your carbohydrates.

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