After reading some of the posts

Published March 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

After reading some of the posts on your site, I have come to the conclusion that you aren’t so concerned with the question of why you are here but rather in proving that your existence is without meaning and therefore does not qualify itself to be questioned. Congratulations! You are meaningless. So what do we do now that we’ve settled that little philosophical debate? Are you up for a drink or should we just stand still until the next random event pushes us in some direction?


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  1. gordon_uk says:

    To Josh king – 106

    Did you get your name because everyone points at you and goes ‘you got to be JoKing’?

    Just a question

  2. Nate Bitz says:

    You clearly have not read any philosophy related to this site. That may be a side effect of the lack of it. I love philosophy and I do believe in a higher power (flying monster comprised of spaghetti) but this is a social commentary. I am not doing metaphysics here, I am here to make a point about the way we educate our children and treat each other. But nice work being small minded and frustrating. I am going to guess you are a philosophy student who is following a religious path. My advice take from this religion the notion that reason is not joined to faith, and stop for the good of humanity trying to reason to god. Its hurting us all.



  3. Vermicelli says:

    Many of us happily will drink to meaninglessness. Or meaningfullness. We arent that picky.

  4. Captain Fredrich Halsbrook says:

    “When nothing you do matters, all that matters is what you do.”

    Perhaps one of the most significant quotes I can apply to this piece of mail. No matter what your beliefs, no matter what your ideology or lack thereof, everyone believes in what they’re doing in some way. From going to school with that belief and hope in getting out into the open world and doing some good, to simply buying groceries to prepare dinner for those you love, these are beliefs… these are meanings. We don’t worry about what comes after, we don’t scramble our lives away fighting for the meaning which will come sometime later. We find meaning in life. And personally, I find more meaning in sharing a laugh with someone at the rediculousness of the notion of a Flying Spaghetti Monster than I ever did in those early sunday mornings spent dressed in a suit and coffee deprive.

    By the way, I’ll definately take you up on that drink anytime.

  5. Pirate esmondb says:

    I am sadden at the fact that you need a god to add meaning to you life. In fact, that is down right scary! You rely on an “external force” to be a good person. I rely on my internal desire to be a good person. You are only good because god said you should be good. I choose to be a good person. Do you agree that “God” need to kill the first born children of Egypt to prove a point. I would have killed pharaoh. I think that since he was in charge of making the rootless decision to keep Israelite captive, he should be punished and not innocent children. I hope god punishes you for my sin!!!

  6. Saucy Follower says:

    Where did you read on this site that we believe that our lives are meaningless? Or are you just infering that? You should never infer, it can get you into some trouble.

    And to the idea of meaningless lives.
    “The world is round; it has no point.” – Andreinne E. Gusoff.
    For the general population there might not be a specific reason for our being on Earth. It is up to every individual to find his/her reason and place on Earth.

    Good job at being a douchebag, that thinks he is funny. You must be the class clown at your school.

    Saucy Follower

  7. Jordan says:

    “Well, I don’t think we’re for anything. We’re just products of evolution. You can say ‘Gee, your life must be pretty bleak if you don’t think there’s a purpose.’ But I’m anticipating having a good lunch.”
    – James Watson, Nobel Prize winner for his work in helping discover DNA

    Thought this quote suited your ‘concerned criticism’ nicely.

  8. Arnold says:

    man! These people are so… so.. so clueless! Don’t they get FSM is just something we people made up so we can make fun of Christianity???(actually, it was made so that the Kansas board would stop their stupid decision)
    I mean, seriously. All of this stuff’s satirical right? I mean, that’s how I view it at least.

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