After reading some of the posts

Published March 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

After reading some of the posts on your site, I have come to the conclusion that you aren’t so concerned with the question of why you are here but rather in proving that your existence is without meaning and therefore does not qualify itself to be questioned. Congratulations! You are meaningless. So what do we do now that we’ve settled that little philosophical debate? Are you up for a drink or should we just stand still until the next random event pushes us in some direction?


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  1. jeremykeys says:

    Too bad you didn’t bother to read the openning letter because then you would realise that even though we aren’t too concerned with the question of why we are here but more impotantly why is nonsense being taught as science in our schools?
    This religion is a parody; something else you obviously didn’t get.
    As for “little philosophical debate”, since you have in no way, shape, or form, tried to rebut our point (read the openning letter) you lost.
    We’re meaning less? Nonsense.
    Did you know that according to a poll conducted at Oxford University, non-religious people have a higher I.Q. than believers.
    Interesting, eh?

  2. Bowen says:

    Fail!. A meaningless life is one spent in adoration of a misogynistic, psychopathic deity who will reward your obedience only after you are dead. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your little death cult.

  3. Geert Van Damme says:

    If we’re not concerned with the question why we’re here, that doesn’t ‘mean’ that our existence is meaningless. IMO having your live in your own hands makes it much more meaningful that when it’s totally dependent on some bearded guy that has total control over our live, but so far didn’t really do a fine job of making everyone happy.
    And of course it’s not some random event that pushes us. It’s the Noodly Appendages.

  4. Vinny says:

    Pity your conclusion is utter drivel, and has nothing to do with anything on this site. Congratulations on an utterly impotent attack.

  5. edd says:

    Wow, Richard, way to project your own feelings of inadequacy there. My existence has plenty of meaning, just no need for a god.

    BTW, your reply contains no obvious spelling or grammatical errors. Congratulations! Are you up for some civil discourse now?

  6. bruceo says:


  7. k. says:

    it’s not about why, it’s what you make out of it!

  8. Lioss says:

    All of us are meanigless.The whole world,the solar system,the Milky Way…All of these are meanigless.Who will remember your god had some fictionnal existence in million years?
    Compare to the univers everything is meaningless (including you).

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