Zombie Jesus tattoo

Published February 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Wade shared his Zombie Jesus tattoo with us. Very nice.

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  1. zombie_jesus says:

    He did supposedly rise from the dead right? I love the idea of Jesus being a zombie. It explains why christianity spread so quickly.

    Actually most Christians do practice communion but do not believe in transubstantiation. Transubstantiation is the belief that the bread and the wine actually turn into the body of Jesus while you eat it. It is mainly a Catholic belief…

  2. Caro says:

    Dear crazy people I kind a get this thing… and it is funny actually, very funny, what I don’t understand is why you took a lot of things out of the cristian bible, stories etc. and not from other religions? why your sarcasm has to be almost only against Catholic stuff such as the “last dinner” painting, the Vatican Micheal Angelo Frescos, etc. I am really astonished of how even the name of your page means revenge in english, which is an act done by somebody that has no love. What does your Spaghetti thinks about that? … and also… beeing an spaghetti lover makes you fat hahaha…. I would recomend that you use other religions to mock not only my beloved Catholic one. I will pray so all your followers are forgiven ‘cuz in your religious sarcasm you do have offended God. And like once mahatma ghandi said about cristians I will say about you… I love Spaghetti, is spaghetti followers I don’t like.

  3. KatetheKate says:

    Don’t Catholics eat the “Body of Christ” anyways? Doesn’t that make them symbolic cannibals?

  4. Mojofarian says:

    One thing that we must remember is that it is likely that we will continue to be attacked by the catholics and others because they use fear and control to hold those to their religion. They know nothing of the FSM and fear his noodly appendage greatly.


  5. paul says:

    All I ask is do you get fries with that?

  6. pinataheart says:

    @ Caro: From what I gathered this site was not created for the purpose of insulting Christians or any other religion, just to keep Intelligent Design out of school. You may not be able to tell that sometimes by how some people act so violently opposed to Christianity and religion in general, but it isn’t the purpose from what I have seen. But those that attack religions have a genuine right to and usually put forth good arguments. Some of them might say that it is the most loving thing to do to have revenge by abolishing religions where at all possible; citing Holy Wars, massacres, Inquisitions, and all sorts of awful things that can only be caused by religious people, not by people who are just secular. Others simply make arguments because they want to discuss it: it is their way of gathering the ideas of others and putting forth their own ideas, sometimes in humorous ways, in no attempt to truly harm anyone. All people have the right to express these things, even if it were an act of pure “revenge”. Of course the site was named that, if I am correct on this; I may be wrong, I am just a visitor sometimes though I love this place as I would a home, because “The Revenge” sounds like an awesome pirate ship name. No more. Don’t look too deeply into that.
    In summary:
    Don’t say that this whole site is an attack because it is not. This particular part of it might be an attack, but it is usually if not always done because of how most Christians attack anyone who disagree with them.

    ~Like or Dislike; I am still teh pinata.~

  7. Bill says:

    To Caro:
    We pick on Christians because they are the most vocal in regards to “Intelligent Design”. But also because mocking you makes us smile and giggle, and making you post poorly and illiterately written counter-arguments on our site makes us feel oh so much more superior. We’ll be praying for your conversion… on second thought… forget about it! More beer and strippers in Heaven for me!!

  8. gothceltgirl says:

    Sometimes I wonder if someone is illiterate or just foreign perhaps. Hmm…

    But to Caro, you’re taking it way to seriously my man(?). It’s just SATIRE, satire, satire! It’s not personal. No one is thinking about you, it’s not about you. Etc. etc.

    I can’t believe that tatoo, gross, but funny. Definite thumbs up. Oh & I agree to whomever said that his guts look like spaghetti. Coincidence? I think not. May you all believers and unbelievers be touched by his noodly appendage.

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