You are the most sick

Published February 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

You are the most sick, fucked up, twisted, inbreed, stupid son of a fucking whore bitch I have ever seen in my entire life. You need to seek mental help. I think you have smoked to much crack and done to much acid. Although you do have a right to religion, BUT, your religion is not recognized by the government simply because it is purely fucking stupidity. You will burn in fucking hell the rest of your god damn life you piece of shit fucking inbreed fuck!

Cody [xxxxxxx]
[xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx] College

Note – As a rule, I don’t post the identities of the hate-mailers but this guy was all for it — “Please do because my peers are on level with me on how fucking stupid you non sense bull shit is.”

Fair enough.

Update 2/4 – I found another message Cody sent me on Facebook:

Wow dude you have to be one of the gayest fucking faggots in the world. FSM is not a religion. Get off you lazy ass, wash your pits and bum hole you stinky fucking acid dropping hippie. And quit fucking your sister and the goats you kidnap so you can stop filling the world with smelly fucking hippie retards like yourself. have a nice day:)

I was not disappointed by Cody’s facebook page [Link Removed *]. An excerpt,

I’ve made great achievements and done many great things with my life and traveled the world. I can’t fit all my awards, achievements, and credentials on all four walls of my room. I dont mean to brag but with all that under my belt, who wouldn’t. I enjoy helping people and changing lives. I guess I seem to worry about others before I do myself. But thats another thing for God to look upon for me.

Update 2/5 – I woke up to find a pile of emails from Cody. Most angry and threatening. Legal threats, mainly. Let me just say this, to Cody: If you send a screaming rant to a stranger, be aware they have the right to publish those rants. I didn’t pluck your nonsense messages out of the ether, you sent them to me. I’m well within my rights to post those messages for the world to see.

However, in amongst those emails I found an apology, so I believe there is some humanity in Cody, and I do have some pity. I have no wish to publicly out him for the intolerant things he said. For that reason, I’m going to anonymize his last name and remove the name of his school. The post will remain but his identity will be obscured for his own protection.

Internet, perhaps you can give Cody another chance.

Update 2/5, 7pm – Wow, I’ve received a lot of emails about this post. I’ll see if I can answer some questions.

First, let me add some more messages from Cody. I assume he sent this one after he saw this post:

Hell no. Do you realize how much trouble you can be in for using my name on a website like you have or publicly identifying me?

And then:

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission on your violation of internet privacy laws.

And then after that:

So I just found out that youre a french fucking jew. Thats why you live on an island because youre a coward. Thats what french are known for pussy ass cowards.

Ok, some answers. I don’t know whether Cody knows I removed his last name and school from his messages, and I don’t think it matters.

I post hate-mails mainly because it’s of interest and relevant to the Pastafarian community. And a lot of us are entertained by them.

I generally don’t post the full identify of the hate-mailers. I don’t think it accomplishes much. When I do, it’s often because they’ve told me to do it.

Inevitably after that, they demand their message be removed, and usually there’s a legal threat of some type. Legal threats don’t bother me, but something else does – this belief that the world owes it to them to look the other way.

I want to say this to the hate-mailers: You’re not anonymous. When you attack us with hate and threats, we have the right to tell the world. We don’t have to protect your identity, we don’t owe you a thing. When we grant you mercy, when we hide your identity because you are rightly ashamed of what you’ve said, it’s a respect that you haven’t earned; it’s just an act of mercy. As to your wrongly assumed right to privacy, maybe an analogy will help: If I see you kicking a dog on the street and tell the world, your reputation will likely be injured by that information becoming public, your livelihood may face serious consequences. But understand this: your act was the cause.

I guess that’s all. Oh, regarding his last message – I’m neither French nor Jewish, but I do live on an island, not that it matters.

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  1. jolan says:

    thank you for your civil reply but i do have a problem with the statement that christianity is not a relition but a personal relationship with Christ.

    i wil not start about the part that christianity is not a religion but i woud like to speak about the personal relationshit with Christ.
    for me it is perfectly ok if you think about it in that way but then i feel like that people shoud have to be able to find that relationship on there own and not thrue parents who dictate it or alredy being christian when you are born being forced to be christian if you want to go to better schools(its like that in belgium)

    • Eileen Dover says:

      I used to have a crush on a Puerto Rican guy whose last name was DeJesus. Does this mean I had a personal relationship with Jesus? Maybe in my dreams.

  2. Jacob says:

    “Although you do have a right to religion, BUT, your religion is not recognized by the government simply because it is purely fucking stupidity.”

    That said, Scientology, anyone?

    • Eileen Dover says:

      Since when does our government recognize any religion?

      • plumberbob says:


        Check-out the military services. They seem to be a rampant breeding ground for fundamentalist coercion.


        • Atsap Revol says:

          Hey, plumberbob, what is your basis for stating that the military is a “breeding ground for fundmantalist coercion?” If you don’t have military experience in your background, you are poorly equipped to pass judgment.

        • plumberbob says:

          Outside of the recent news stories about the imprinting of bible references on military rifle sights, I’m using this reference:


          Beyond that, I’ll admit that my references are thin, and you’re right, and I’ll STFU about it.


        • Kaufeedrinker says:

          Plumberbob, as a US Navy veteran, I can say, with no doubt in my mind, that your statement that the US Military is a rampant breeding ground for fundamentalist coercion is, in my opinion, a shortsighted and unsupported belief. And here’s why.

          From personal experience, I have never seen such a diverse group of individuals as the ones I served with onboard my former ship. There was a mix of christians, muslims, jews, and even a few pagans (the proper definition, not the inflammatory description pushed by many of the religious right) serving in all aspects of shipboard life. I knew also of several atheists, and a couple of gay people. They weren’t shy about any of it, they just didn’t come out and say that they were gay (didn’t want to get kicked out).

          And even when I did come up against the chaplains in the Navy, I never received anything but well wishes and kind words. One of the most wonderful people on my ship was the ship’s chaplain. He was a commander (O-5) and always was a decent human being to everyone, including the muslims on board my ship (who, by the way had a weekly service on board).

          Never, in my 5+ years serving in the surface fleet and on shore did I encounter any person that your reference article refers to. As a matter of fact, I encountered more open pagans than full-on christians during my entire time there.

          And for everyone’s reference, I am an agnostic minister with the Universal Life Church, and will gladly perform any gay, straight, pagan, or any other style of wedding you want. Yes, I said wedding.

          Ramen to you all, and may we all be touched by his noodly appendage.


        • Another Voice says:

          With all due respect, Kaufeedrinker, I can’t help but question your rebuttal to plumberbob. Not that I think you’re exaggerating your account of religious tolerance while serving in the Navy as I have no reason to doubt you on this. Barring the unlikely possibility that you’re a Navy recruiter or PR person for the armed forces – if you were you’d be the cleverest recruiter in military history to pose as an agnostic minister with the Universal Life Church offering nuptials for gay and pagan communities – I suspect you wouldn’t have taken the time to write such a reply unless your personal experience in the military truly contradicted that portrayed in the Truthout article on Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

          My main question to you is simply “When did you serve?” I get the impression, (and feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken), that as an established minister your “5+ years of serving in the surface fleet and on shore” may now be well behind you. If that impression is correct, you might consider the possibility that conditions of religious tolerance have changed considerably since your tenure in the military.

          In my opinion Christian fundamentalism has become far more mainstream and accepted in all areas of American public life since the Bush/Cheney era and events of 9/11. Not to drag politics into the discussion but Bush Jr.’s entrenched evangelical convictions had the effect of galvanizing and emboldening Christians nationwide, not to mention legitimizing their “mission” with government funding for more Christian organizations and church-based initiatives than, I believe, any presidency that came before. Similarly, the events of 9/11 acted as something of a call to arms for many militant Christians who truly bought into the lunatic ideology of a Muslim/Judeo-Christian “Holy War.”

          I should preface my remaining comments by saying that I have never served in the armed forces and have no experience in military matters. My only claim is that of a careful reader and having read the Truthout article as well as all of the linked articles within it, I wonder why you so wholly dismiss plumberbob’s assertion that “the US Military is a rampant breeding ground for fundamentalist coercion.” Though it may not be consistent with your personal experience in the Navy, the journalistic evidence in numerous articles – including this one from the actual Navy Times: http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/05/navy_conversion_070513w/ – render plumberbob’s statement neither “shortsighted” or “unsupported.”

          Having said all that, kudos to you, good sir, for marrying gays and pagans.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Actually bob, I was in the military for awhile (not my idea). There really was no coercion.

          Once I was picked as a “volunteer” to be an altar-boy for a non-denominational service, but once I showed them my Agnostic dogtag, they picked someone else.

          Only one other instance: Because I went to no services, my commanding officer mentioned having me pull some duty on Sunday mornings. I asked “So, in essence I’m being punished for my religious convictions?” and the whole thing was dropped.

  3. Lafer says:

    I just don’t get it… why, i mean, WHY this free, useless and agressive demonstration of hate? Do you behave like this when you meet jewish, muslims or buddhists or any other person who believes in any other religion? They do not believe on that stuff you claim to be the ultimate truth! and nor do I, and nor do millions of people around the planet. It’s not our fault that you are such a close-minded, unhappy and limited individual. And above all, if there really were a deistic entity as powerful as you claim, don’t you think we would be pretty screwed by now? I mean, “why wait for them to die if i can fuck with them right now?”… And C’MON, DO YOU REALLY, FROM THE DEEP OF YOUR HEART AND CONSCIENCE, THINK THERE’S A HELL OR EVEN A HEAVEN???? ARE YOU REALLY THAT CHILDISH?? Men created god(s), not the inverse, try to fit this truth in your “god-enlighted” mind. Even if we don’t have yet the means to explain everything in this astonishing universe we live in, using the god “excuse” is just ridiculous! Is the easy way out, dumbass. From the very begining, our brains have developed in such a way that it will always try to find a good way to explan the events around us. In early civilizations, like tribal environments, they started to question those events: “why it rains “, or “why the sun comes up every fuckin’ day???”. for them, a first good explanation would be some supernatural power, so the gods were named. Each civ. used to have a pantheon of gods, and each one of them was assigned to a specific function. It woked for them. Were they wrong? Were egipcians, greeks, indians in ancient america, vikings wrong? [FYI, your almighty monotheistic “god” appeared while the other gods were still strong in people minds, only as another alternative.] I’m not the one to judge, but i don’t actually think their explanation is viable today. Do you know why? Because we’ve developed knowledge, and through the ages we’ve been able to explain the gears of the universe, beyond the supernatural: things, meaning everyting, are physical, they exist and are there to be discovered. ISN’T THIS JUST WONDERFUL?? THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT NEED SUPERNTURAL!! IT WORKS FINE WITHOUT OUTER INTERVENTION! If there’s something “else”, well, it’s so well hidden that i’m not gonna waste my time on it. Neither fear it. My fullfilment comes from understanding and knowledge, not from the love of some unlikely omnipotent entity(ies).
    I really hope you read this

  4. geoff says:

    whenever i tell someone, “you are the most sick”, it’s usually a pretty high compliment.

    then again, i think living on an island would be pretty sick.

    • Saldoom says:

      the size of my noodle is pretty sick, gegity-goo-goo!

      RAmen! (with a hip thrusting double side by side fist pump)

  5. Leslie says:

    I’d like to know where Cody goes to school. They obviously have a wonderful creative writing and rhetoric program there. As I read through his posts, I believe I counted 24 actual verbs and 13 nouns. I certainly aspire to the creative and articulate level of Cody.

    • Saldoom says:

      lol RAmen sister Leslie

  6. Ryan says:

    I just read my old comment, which some of you may have read…sorry about that. (It’s number 170). This was…too much. I am a Pastafarian. You are a Christian. Somebody’s a Muslim. Somebody’s Hindu. It goes on and on. Cody, these are what’s called religions. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Religions are where you believe in someone or something that gives explanations about different things, like how the world was created or how we exist. DO NOT QUESTION RELIGION. I’m a fan of Pearls Before Swine, which is a comic strip that’s pretty popular. I bought the ‘treasuries’ of Pearls so I could see the creator’s comments on his strip. In some of his strips, he makes religion jokes. He ALWAYS gets hate mail about this. So please, leave us alone? It’s not going to solve anything if you criticize us.

  7. Meslier says:

    I can understand why one would hate islands, they’re really aggravating for continents and unity of the land. Also bridges and boats have to be built and they sink.

    But I wonder what Cody has against the French and the Jew ? As far as the French are concerned, a tentative explanation would be that they have officially a secular country. But the Jewish people ?

  8. Ollie says:

    First of all i dont belive in any religion, i just cant. I dont have a problem with people beliving and i think it can give some people hope which can be good but then again it can be take way to far by people like Cody. I would personaly want to be nice to people because i feel it is the right thing to do rarther than doing it out of fear from some divine retribution. I find this site a wonderfull expression of free will and free belief, although i hate the way it has been tanted by the comments of people claiming to follow peace but then damming everyone around them who does not follow their ideals. I doubt that many of these people would repeat the same comments if it was another reconised religion like Islam or Jewdaism. Also they have to take into account two key factors. 1) In most religions (using an example of christianity) there were mass killings such as the crusades, to further their beliefs because they belived everyone else was wrong. Even though their ‘Bibles’ forbid this. Also in the christian bible it says things like killing thoese who work on sunday…….yer i realy dont see even hardcore christians doing that and walking away free. 2) Nearly every religion says that unless you are a true beliver you will go to hell. This counts for people who dont follow the bible to the word, may not have heard of that religion or been given the chance to join or even babies who have not had a chance to be good. So by this belief a great deal of people, great people like Aristotle and Hippocrates who just helped people, are burning in hell…suffering for being nice but not knowing there were other religions. So please people stop being arrogant bigots, accept that people have free will and also that you may be wrong yourself and even if you are not would you ‘god’ want you to be verbaly abusing and making threats to others (dam me if i am wrong but does that not mean you will go to hell). FINALY IF IF OFFENDS YOU AND YOU ARE CRYING OVER THIS OR FEEL ANGRY……DONT READ IT, DONT COME TO THE SITE AGAIN, AND LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.
    p.s. i used christianity as the main example because it seems to be where the most hate comments are comming from. But i do know most religious belivers can be nice people and my rant will not apply to them.

    if you read all that you deserve a medal :D
    cheers guys – ollie

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      “lthough i hate the way it has been tanted by the comments of people claiming to follow peace but then damming everyone around them who does not follow their ideals. I doubt that many of these people would repeat the same comments if it was another reconised religion like Islam or Jewdaism. ”

      — While I agree with everything else you are saying, this is not true. I think ALL religions are a detriment to the human race and the sooner they go away the better. So yes, I would say everything I say to Christians to any of the sky daddy religions. They are all just as ridiculous. Most of us speak against Christianity because 99% of the hatemail is from Christians. We speak to what they are associated with.

    • Shade says:

      Alas, the anonymity the internet provides will prevent people from simply leaving. Perhaps people do simply leave, sometimes. We can only see the angry side of them, as they are the only people with the motivation to attempt to hurt, in any way possible, what made them angry.

      Please forgive my confusing sentence structure.

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