You are the most sick

Published February 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

You are the most sick, fucked up, twisted, inbreed, stupid son of a fucking whore bitch I have ever seen in my entire life. You need to seek mental help. I think you have smoked to much crack and done to much acid. Although you do have a right to religion, BUT, your religion is not recognized by the government simply because it is purely fucking stupidity. You will burn in fucking hell the rest of your god damn life you piece of shit fucking inbreed fuck!

Cody [xxxxxxx]
[xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx] College

Note – As a rule, I don’t post the identities of the hate-mailers but this guy was all for it — “Please do because my peers are on level with me on how fucking stupid you non sense bull shit is.”

Fair enough.

Update 2/4 – I found another message Cody sent me on Facebook:

Wow dude you have to be one of the gayest fucking faggots in the world. FSM is not a religion. Get off you lazy ass, wash your pits and bum hole you stinky fucking acid dropping hippie. And quit fucking your sister and the goats you kidnap so you can stop filling the world with smelly fucking hippie retards like yourself. have a nice day:)

I was not disappointed by Cody’s facebook page [Link Removed *]. An excerpt,

I’ve made great achievements and done many great things with my life and traveled the world. I can’t fit all my awards, achievements, and credentials on all four walls of my room. I dont mean to brag but with all that under my belt, who wouldn’t. I enjoy helping people and changing lives. I guess I seem to worry about others before I do myself. But thats another thing for God to look upon for me.

Update 2/5 – I woke up to find a pile of emails from Cody. Most angry and threatening. Legal threats, mainly. Let me just say this, to Cody: If you send a screaming rant to a stranger, be aware they have the right to publish those rants. I didn’t pluck your nonsense messages out of the ether, you sent them to me. I’m well within my rights to post those messages for the world to see.

However, in amongst those emails I found an apology, so I believe there is some humanity in Cody, and I do have some pity. I have no wish to publicly out him for the intolerant things he said. For that reason, I’m going to anonymize his last name and remove the name of his school. The post will remain but his identity will be obscured for his own protection.

Internet, perhaps you can give Cody another chance.

Update 2/5, 7pm – Wow, I’ve received a lot of emails about this post. I’ll see if I can answer some questions.

First, let me add some more messages from Cody. I assume he sent this one after he saw this post:

Hell no. Do you realize how much trouble you can be in for using my name on a website like you have or publicly identifying me?

And then:

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission on your violation of internet privacy laws.

And then after that:

So I just found out that youre a french fucking jew. Thats why you live on an island because youre a coward. Thats what french are known for pussy ass cowards.

Ok, some answers. I don’t know whether Cody knows I removed his last name and school from his messages, and I don’t think it matters.

I post hate-mails mainly because it’s of interest and relevant to the Pastafarian community. And a lot of us are entertained by them.

I generally don’t post the full identify of the hate-mailers. I don’t think it accomplishes much. When I do, it’s often because they’ve told me to do it.

Inevitably after that, they demand their message be removed, and usually there’s a legal threat of some type. Legal threats don’t bother me, but something else does – this belief that the world owes it to them to look the other way.

I want to say this to the hate-mailers: You’re not anonymous. When you attack us with hate and threats, we have the right to tell the world. We don’t have to protect your identity, we don’t owe you a thing. When we grant you mercy, when we hide your identity because you are rightly ashamed of what you’ve said, it’s a respect that you haven’t earned; it’s just an act of mercy. As to your wrongly assumed right to privacy, maybe an analogy will help: If I see you kicking a dog on the street and tell the world, your reputation will likely be injured by that information becoming public, your livelihood may face serious consequences. But understand this: your act was the cause.

I guess that’s all. Oh, regarding his last message – I’m neither French nor Jewish, but I do live on an island, not that it matters.

345 Responses to “You are the most sick”

  1. PlagueChicken says:

    You know – I used to laugh mightily at these people. I would be tickled pink (as it were) at the opportunity to lambast another deluded fool with an over-developed sense of his/her own importance.
    But, after a while – the endless tide of stupidity just wears on me. It would be nice if – in the middle of the unbalanced rants – these folks could at very least spell the word “too”. Sadly, these people are the ones most likely to breed prolifically and pass along all the “wisdom” of the “good book”.

    Without making any completely unwarranted assertions about the inhabitants of Arkansas – I’m starting to think we should fence off a large portion of our country and call it “Fundieland – the Stupidest Place on Earth”.

    :( PC

    • JoMan Bigoli says:

      PlagueChicken, I agree with you that while the hate mail is mildly amusing at times, it does wear on you after a while. I think its because the low level verbal jousting with these people is so easy that we become bored quickly. I think it wold be a good idea to have a section of this website dedicated to mail that is on a higher intellectual level.

      I wouldn’t make fun of people from Arkansas either, especially as I am new to this country and a jewish communist from Scotland, but in my ignorance I though that Arkansas was roped off, at least intellectually.

  2. person says:

    This is great.
    I mean seriously, how do people miss the point by so much?
    And what about this religion is so sick? It’s morally cleaner than any other religion I can think of since, except for pirates raiding, no one has ever died due to pastafarianism. And of all things to respond to this with, he uses a bunch of insults that he has no evidence for. Him and his buddies are hilarious in so many ways.
    Now I have some questions for him:
    Q1: How did you even get into college with that much obliviousness? For that matter, how did you learn to speak as a baby?
    Q2: How do you make any friends with that enormous an ego?
    Q3: How did you visit this site and not be touched by His noodly appendage?

  3. The Simian says:

    The messiah has returned and his name is Cody.

  4. bruceo says:

    This guy’s a real Christian, all right–here’s one of his recent Facebook posts:
    “If I knew where Bill Gates lived I would knock on his door and beat the shit out of him with the xbox and strangle him with the controllers cord.”

  5. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Cody, may I suggest that – along with remedial English classes – you take some psychology courses, too, in order to understand why you’re so angry? Assuming you’re in some Protestant sect which probably passes snakes around during services, do you talk to Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Scientologists or others this way, or is it just lucky us?

  6. deathbymagoomba says:

    Lord have mercy on poor little Cody. ‘dat boy is really twisted, full of the devil.

  7. Phyve says:

    Seriously!?!? I mean, wow! Okay, Cody, take a deep breath, step away from the keyboard, and pick up your nearest “Webster’s”. There are a few things you forgot to retain/obtain, whilst acquiring your several awards/degrees;
    two, too and to (they differ).
    The comma goes before, but not after “but”
    inbred, not “inbreed”.
    Hell is a posthumous award. So, to burn in hell the rest of one’s life is an impossibility.
    Goddamn is one word.
    “and” should only be used once in a sentence.
    It should be “Wow dude, you…”, not “Wow dude you…”.
    Try getting off “your” lazy ass, not “… you lazy ass”.
    You shouldn’t start a sentence with “and”.
    No FSM isn’t a religion, Pastafarianism is the religion. The FSM is the diety[sic].

    I’m imagining your world travels were brought on by your days in the circus. I also think that since you have a fancy for animals, your days in said circus were served as a geek. One might wander what credentials you might hold. Since none are grammar related, perhaps underwater basket weaving, or even antilogic or mirror polishing? I know, I know, comedic entertainment? Oh, you were being serious?
    Once you’re done stroking yourself, you may decide to look in your “babble” to see what your “gad” has to say about blasphemy, using his name in vein, judging others and let’s not forget the et ceteras.
    Pasta be with you,

  8. LippyGirl says:

    Cody’s mother should be proud. What is really great is that forever, whenever someone googles Cody’s name, this group of posts will show up, so they can see his real character. Cody is clearly a poorly raised, inarticulate boy.

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