Melbourne tree sighting

Published February 1st, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

My wife and I recently moved to Melbourne, Australia, and today we went down to let our two elementary school age children meet the teachers at their new school. After that we went out to the school playground and I was delighted to spot the FSM, apparently wearing some sort of formal robe or gown, prominently carved into one of the children’s play structures. If any other FSM devotees want to check it out when they’re down under, it’s at St Kilda Park Primary School at the bottom of Albert Park.


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  1. juhan says:

    blessed you!

  2. Nikolai Hughes says:

    It looks like this sighting is of the FSM while he was drunk… then again is it the season to be drunk? Oh well whatever he is doing it must be right. RAmen

  3. marcelino says:

    Don’t have the time and or the skill to accomplish this. Thanksgiving is the only time I concentrate with a knife, and still do that poorly. great pic.

  4. libhomo says:

    This post made my day. Thanks for the giggles.

  5. CG says:

    One of the childrens play structures? It’s a tree…

  6. Jamie says:

    It looks like the FSM tried to fit the meatballs into the gown vertically =]

  7. marie says:

    mabey he was wearing a corset? or something like that

  8. Steven Wanzell says:

    Actually, I’ve uncovered an ancient Noodly Scroll which seems to indicate there was some sort of “only begotten son”. Yeah, I know – it sounds completely ridiculous. But anyway, I’m awaiting word from a team of scientists (on loan from Opus Dei), which I’ve commissioned specifically to ‘prove’ the myth to be ‘factual’. I smell success!

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