Team FSM on Kiva surpasses $200k

Published February 18th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Our kiva team has raised over $200k, most of that in the last year. That is pretty amazing, all things considered. It’s interesting to see the Religious Congregation teams sorted by total amount loaned. Team FSM is ranked above the Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, and others – and below only the Baha’is.

Please join our team if you’re interested.

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  1. Dan Moody says:

    Sadly, Team FSM are only #17 overall. This puts us behind Belgium (#8), the fabulous GLBT Kivans & Friends(#7) and Kiva Christians (#2, $940,775.00)…

    Oh, and those pesky Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious (#1, $1,579,475.00) :)

  2. Barnacle Jayne says:

    I like Baha’is. We should have a mixer.

  3. samantha says:

    We have 1,337 members! :D

  4. Jason Rowe says:

    Jason Rowe rules :o


  5. Brandon Carlson says:

    …and the FSM group took back the number 1 spot from the Mormons under religious congregations category!

    The group isn’t ahead by much though, so if just a few people reading this that aren’t already members of kiva could sign up and just make one loan of 25 bucks, it could really be helpful in keeping those Mormons at bay. Now, if you recently won the lottery and would like to make 10,000 loans of 25 bucks in the name of the FSM group, that would be even better.

    Remember it is a loan to somebody that needs it in the world, so if you really have to have that 25 bucks for something in the future, you can transfer it back into your bank account after it is paid back. Or roll it over into another loan, and help two people with that 25 bucks!

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