I want u to sit down and think

Published February 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I want u to sit down and think. how in the world is a food supposed to create everyone in the world? its just spaghetti and 2 meatballs. not a god. I can understand that u may like to eat the food. but it didn’t create us. oh and by the way I find ur site and religion incredibly hilarious whether your serious or not. which someything tells me u just mite be that crazy. no offense.


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  1. Gelfling says:

    Hello Mitchell,

    I’m glad to see that you’re applying logic to religion, it’s the first step to freedom. So let’s go a little farther, shall we?

    How could a being create everything without itself being created by something else? Also consider: if this being created not just the earth, not just the solar system, not just our galaxy but also the billions of other galaxies in the universe and everything in between, why is she so concerned with this little flyspeck of a planet? And why does she want the tinier specks that live on that planet to fear her? How could she possibly punish these tiny specks forever for ‘sins’ that only occurred for a short time? How could she stop the sun from moving (Joshua 10:13) without everything suddenly flying off? And why does this being permit such a confusing document as *her* bible to continue to exist in its confusing form?

    And if all that is possible…then why shouldn’t the supreme creator look like spaghetti and meatballs?

    Sit down and think. It’s a wonderful idea!

  2. StJason says:

    So close, Mitchell… So close…

    How did “Spaghetti and 2 Meatballs” create everyone in the world? He simply said “Let it be so”. Duh. He took in in pieces, creating first a mountain, a tree, and a midget.

    I mite be crazy? I assure you, I have no parasites, insane or otherwise.

  3. Aesi says:

    I want you to sit down and think. How in the world is an old, probably senile, bearded guy supposed to create everyone in the world? He’s probably too old to event ‘get it up’, nevermind the fact that, i’d imagine, very few women would be willing.

  4. Belgian Girl says:

    “WHOOSHE”! There goes THE POINT again….

  5. Phyve says:

    Dearest Mitchell,
    One mite (or is that “might”) assume your insanity, if by chance you worship grape juice and bread, or crackers and wine, depending on your sect, as symbolizing a cannibalistic act. Either way, the fsm wasn’t dinner until after he created the holy dish in his image. Also, he isn’t made out of spaghetti and meatballs. He only resembles spaghetti and two meatballs.
    Cheers. I think I’ll go have some Jesus and jam.

  6. Reggie Dixon says:

    Mitchell, I assume you are young, why not critically examine other religions in the same way ?

  7. Hollee says:

    How could a human’s imaginary friend create anything long before humans were even intelligent enough to create said imaginary friend? And if you did a little research you would realize this entire religion is MEANT to be funny to many, if not all, Pastafarians. You don’t think all those Mormons, who believe that all Native Americans are evil and that Jesus visited America when he was alive, aren’t crazy? What about those Scientology followers who think we were brought here by aliens? I think all religions have their share of crazies and I’ve found Pastafarians to be the most sane, generally speaking.

  8. He Who Doubts says:

    I’ll do you one better Mitchell. I’m sitting down, thinking, and about to bash your comment all at the same time. I hope you’re proud of me, because I know I am.

    I’ll have you know His Noodliness certainly did create not just everyone in the world, but all 500,000,000,000 galaxies in the entire universe and everything in them in about 6 minutes at low to medium simmer. The 7th minute was for cooling, and a pinch of parsley was added afterward. This should be obviously true, as the Flying Spaghetti Monster is omnipotent and therefore capable of doing anything, whether it’s creating the cosmos and stripper factories, or taking the form of a delicious plate of Italian cuisine. He could just as easily become a French loaf! If you have any doubts about these Holy Truths, please refer to my logically based, non-emotionally amped faith. If you decide to repent now and kiss the FSM’s succulent meatballs with me, you may be saved from eternal damnation after death in an alternate dimension without beer.

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