The FSM is not a real religion

Published January 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

The FSM is not a real religion. You just made it up and decided to plagiarize the bible. If you’re going to make up a religion have a fucking imagination and come up with you’re own quotes that haven’t been scammed off of the other legitimate religions of the world.

~Christine ~

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  1. Haruhiist says:

    “The FSM is not a real religion”

    -Oh, really?

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  7. Delpha Pencek says:

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  8. Saganhill says:

    More IRONY emails from idiots. 99% of the old testament was taken from earlier civilizations. Even the story of jesus was taken from earlier civilizations. It boggles the mind that the hate mail that people spew out here shows how delusional their own religion is.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Saganhill, when it comes to religion (among other things), people don’t want to KNOW. They just want to BELIEVE.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      I once polled my Christian friends about the bible to see what they truly knew about it. This is of not scientific just something I did as a lark.

      All of them assumed the Bible has existed in it’s present form. They did not know that each gospel was written at different times by varying authors and assembled together. They were also unaware that certain gospels were left on the cutting room floor. They all think the quote,”God works in mysterious ways” is actually a biblical quote. (It’s not) Same for,”God helps those who help themselves”, “Spare the rod, not the child”.

      It is obvious my friends have not actually read the bible or understand it’s history. I suspect most hate-mailers are guilty of the same thing, meaning they are ill equipped to wage intellectual debates on the subject. Since hate-mailers cannot offer an argument based in reason they fall back arguments based in emotion. The resulting “emotional outburst” is the the only tool available to them.

      • nun sequitur says:

        ‘Emotional Outburst’


        i havent burst in awhile myself…

        just slowly leaking.

        neither is really much fun nor satisfying, @ least my experience…

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