The FSM is not a real religion

Published January 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

The FSM is not a real religion. You just made it up and decided to plagiarize the bible. If you’re going to make up a religion have a fucking imagination and come up with you’re own quotes that haven’t been scammed off of the other legitimate religions of the world.

~Christine ~

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  1. Thomas L. Nielsen says:

    I can only speak for myself of course but, as a reasonably moderate pastafarian, I certainly do not “hate” other religions. Hate, like love, is a force of attraction (look at all the rabid christian fundamentalists who for some reason come here to rant), and hate is much too strong an emotion to describe how I feel about other religions. “Slightly amused indifference mixed with a bit of pity, revulsion and some well-founded concern” might be closer to the mark.

    And please note that, again speaking only for myself, I only react to hate-filled rants or confused, intelligence-depleted ramblings posted at or sent to our church (i.e. this website) or imposed on me in the public space. I do not actively seek out and attack other religions – Like the Jedi Knights (a mildly heretical order that sadly chose to separate from true Pastafarianism a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….) we use our powers only for defence. Never for offence.

    RAmen, and may His Noodly Appendages touch you and bring you Sauce,

    Thomas L. Nielsen

  2. Pasta says:

    I’m having some difficulty figuring out what a “real” religion is supposed to be. What are the requirements? A specific minimum number of followers, maybe, or a certain overall length of the holy scriptures, perhaps? Or is it an age issue, and the oldest religions are the best? Do we have to start a holy war or something, or just insult other people in public for not fitting our moral standards?

    Actually, there are other religions getting the same treatment, despite having genuine spiritual value (at least as much as the “real” religions, anyway) . Just think of Discordianism, Dudeism, the SubGenius Church etc. So we have a more pragmatic and down to earth attitude to our faith. So we have an actual functioning sense of humor. So what?

  3. Pasta says:

    [I accidentally pressed the “submit” button too early]


    I don’t see why faith can’t be a less than serious matter, from the occasional chuckle to outright laughing out loud. It’s sure as Stale Beer Hell more effective to laugh and try to take it easy in times of trouble, than to blame yourself and wonder what you did wrong and if you’re being punished for something, or why you’ve got bad karma etc.

    RAmen, and have a nice funny day.

  4. Brian says:

    I’m curious in what way Pastafarianism is less “legitimate” than any other religion? I also believe your plagiarism concern is especially funny sense half of your religion and religious text was ripped straight from Judaism.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Brian: Don’t forget that the Jewish Torah borrowed heavily from earlier religions, too! Recycling myths was an early, lazy way to flesh out liturgy and gain credibility among the ignorant and illiterate.

  5. DarthFennec says:

    We worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster and you’re telling me that we don’t have an imagination?
    Also, I hope you’re sending this to the Churches of LDS and Islam (each has 2/3 Christian holy books) and the Christians too (1/2 Jewish holy books) as well as us.

  6. Pasta is Truth says:

    We are a real religion because we all share a few of a god and have system of belief that guild use through the darkness of every day life. Also another point is that a government does not have to recognize use as a religion to be considered as a religion. This is why the founding father created the first Amendment of Constitution.

  7. Vince C. says:

    this letter’s funny and the author isn’t much for research.

    Hitchens described every holy book as a plagarism of a plagarism, of a hearsay of a hearsay, of a few nonevents.

  8. Just another Avoltronist Pastafarian =] says:

    FSM is not a religion but the god of Pastafarianism!

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